Mom Finds Out Kid Changed Her Contact Info To 'Poop Your Pants' After Hilarious Work Fail

A mom recently discovered that her daughter changed her name to Poop Your Pants while playing with her iPhone. How did she find out? After sending a work email and noticing that was the sender listed. Whoops.

All moms are busy, whether they work or stay home. Sometimes handing your phone over to your kid is a quick and easy way to keep them occupied and out of your hair. But be careful. Kids and phones don't always mix. Photo texts may be sent to anyone and calls could be accidentally made to Timbuktu. Or, your name might just be changed to Poop Your Pants. And then you might send a work email from that name.

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Lauren Brown, a mom and senior manager from Maitland, Florida, shared her hilarious mishap on the LinkedIn platform. Apparently, Brown's daughter asked Siri to call her Poop Your Pants. Maybe her daughter thought this would be a funny prank, but she probably did not realize it would involve her mom's work email.

Brown first discovered the mishap when she was copied on a work email. Initially, she was incredibly embarrassed and concerned. Seriously, what could be less professional? But after the initial shock wore off, Brown saw the humor in the situation.

According to Brown, her first reaction was to draft a resignation letter. But then she calmed down and started laughing.

The post got plenty of attention from other LinkedIn users. Some shared their own similar stories. One dad said his daughter changed his name to Lady Lumps. Then Siri referred to him as so, while he was driving Uber with a customer onboard.

Kids can do some crazy things. Give a kid your phone and you have to understand that you are opening up a lot of doors. But if you find yourself in a humiliating situation at work because of something your little one did, remember Brown's last hashtag: She is what I'm working for.

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