Mom Requests Unicorn Cake For 5-Year-Old’s Party, But That's Not What She Got

It is one of the joys of becoming a mother and that is planning out your child’s birthday party. It can be busy and stressful, and cost way too much money. However, seeing the joy in your child’s eye when they get exactly what they ask for makes it all worth it.

Unicorns are very trendy right now, and children all over the world are obsessed with this magical and mythical creature. Alexandra Schroeder, a mother from Michigan, spent months planning the perfect birthday for her soon-to-be 5-year-old daughter. Her daughter had requested a unicorn themed birthday.

Alexandra spared no expense when it came to make sure her birthday princess got exactly what she wanted, but it turned out, she would get anything but. Alexandra paid a company, Whipped Bakery, $370 to rent space to throw a themed baking party. It also included the cost for a unicorn cake.

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She states that when she arrived on the day of the party, all she was supplied with was one table and six chairs, when there were 13 children attending. She claims the staff told her that her guests could stand.

That was the easy part of the party, because when it was time for cake, something was a bit off. The cake she was presented with resembled very little of the unicorn cakes we have all come to know and love.

Alexandra’s main complaint was with the unicorn’s horn, the primary feature of this beautiful animal. “The horn came out in a shape that was so embarrassing.” Alexandra is quoted as saying. She also stated that it had fingerprints on it and that it was not gold-coloured at all.

Alexandra did what most moms would do in this situation, she turned to Facebook. She posted her disappointments and was then accused of not paying and trashing the establishment by the company online.

The company also blocked Alexandra from leaving a review on Facebook, a way to attempt to protect her business. Alexandra has said that she is not asking for her money back, she just wants to warn other potential customers of her experience.

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