10 Reasons Why It's Important To Ask For Help As A Mom

When you take on motherhood/parenthood, it can feel hard to ask for help. Generally speaking, we may feel (at times) that it's not appropriate to ask for help when we truly need it. Other times, we don't know that we actually do need help until it's too late.

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It's important to check in every day and to recognize signs of when we're feeling a bit overwhelmed. Parenting is not easy, and it takes a few helping hands every once in a while. Because of this, we have collected 10 reasons why it's so important to ask for help when you need it. Read ahead for some additional validation and reassurance.

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10 Motherhood Is Humbling

Motherhood is incredibly humbling. It's a very incredible experience to become an individual responsible for another life and/or lives. Motherhood is a time where we should welcome the help from others.

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There's no space to feel pride, now that parenthood is our new norm. It's vital to put pride aside and welcome the help from others. It's important to be reminded of this new found appreciation for how motherhood changes an individual. It's important to ask for help every once in a while to humble us even further.

9 You Don't Want To Burn Off

Motherhood is incredibly difficult. It's not only physically demanding, it's emotionally and mentally. Though everyone's journey will be different, we all collectively struggle with similar issues while raising human beings.

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It is not for the faint of heart, we'll tell ya that much. But, it's important to ask for help when things get tough. Whether you haven't slept for a few days or haven't found the time to shower, the last thing a mother needs is to burn herself out. So, ask for help when you need it. We've all been there.

8 The Children Will Feel Your Stress

Children pick up on energy more than we like to admit. Whether you've had a stressful day at work and come home in a 'mood' or you are anxious about a personal conversation you had with a friend the day previous, children pick up on stress. It's important to give yourself a mental break if you need one. It's ok to ask for help when you need it, to ensure you do not pass on any negative energy to your young ones.

7 Stress Can Lead To Illness

Speaking of stress, it is a leading cause of many diseases and illnesses. From heart conditions to common colds, stress can manifest itself in many ways. If you're holding in a lot of stress due to the fact you didn't ask for help while raising your children, well- that does not benefit you or your children in the end.

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It's important to ask for help when you need it. That way you can live the happiest and healthiest life possible for you and your family.

6 Children Will Learn

Don't ever forget: children pick up on everything. No matter the age, we condition our children while we raise them. If we lead them into caring and independent individuals, we've done our jobs. With that said, when we ask for help when we need it, we are teaching our children first-hand that it's ok to be vulnerable. We can not do everything on our own and we all get places of success with the help of other people. So, let's show them how important it is to know when to ask for help and how to get it.

5 It Will Allow You Time To Reflect

When we ask for help while raising our children, this gives us a mental break to reflect on how far we've come as caretakers. With parenthood, it can often feel like we can't catch a breath.

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It's as if our lives are playing in fast-forward and it's difficult to even consider an answer when a question is asked. Parenthood is a whirlwind. It's important to embrace the moments when we get the chance. When we ask for help, we have that moment of reflection which is vital to be a humble and healthy parent.

4 You'll Learn About Yourself

When we ask for help, don't forget it's a learning lesson for you as an individual, too. You may spend most of your time as 'Mom', 'Dad', or 'Parent', rarely finding time to reflect on the individual you're becoming without that title.

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It's important to ask for help in order to check in with yourself. You are still the person you were before parenthood came crashing in. So, ask for help when you need a moment to step away. Life's a balance and you can not be a healthy and happy individual if you're around the family 100% of your time.

3 It's Important To Have A Break

Speaking of stepping away from family, it may sound harsh in the moment but life is about a balance. It can be difficult to give, give and give. You must take the time to receive the energy and love that you deserve.

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You deserve to have your needs met. It can be difficult to remember this. So, it's imperative that you remember how important it is to ask for help when you need time for yourself.

2 There Is Magic In Vulnerability

Becoming vulnerable is one of the most admirable and brave thing an individual can do. Not only will it teach your children how incredible vulnerability is, but it will allow you to appreciate yourself as an individual and parent even more. When you ask for you, you're showing that you have no shame in the fact that you can not do everything yourself. This is beautiful. It's brave. And, it's so incredibly true.

1 Because Even Though You Can Have It All, You Can't Do It All

"Having it all" can look so different to so many people. You can dream of having a big house while working from home. You could work hard remotely while bringing your young children along with your for the adventure. Having it all is possible- depending on your definition; however, you can not do it all. It's important to ask for help to remind yourself: you can have it all but you can not do it all. It takes a village, doesn't it?

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