Mom Proud Of Daughter's Reaction After Being Bullied


As a parent, we often find ourselves asking, "Why can't kids just be nice to each other?" But the truth is that some kids can be so cruel, because of the lack of kindness and/or attention in their immediate environment. According to Psychology Today, bullies aren't born, they are made. The behavior starts as early as 2-years-old, and if not handled with consistency and sternness, the behavior will progress. At the same time, a healthy relationship with our children will help them love themselves enough to face those who confront them.

Adelle Carter, a mom on Facebook, recently opened up, in a post about her daughter's experience with bullying. Audrey, an 11-year-old 5th-grader, was bullied all day about her natural hair. Carter was appalled by the behavior of her daughter's peers that she took a stance on Facebook to make others aware of the situation. She defended her daughter and advised other parents to speak to their children about being opened to accepting others' differences.

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Audrey Carter
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Carter started with, "I am so upset I want to cry. My beautiful daughter went to school with her hair in it's natural state. She was teased all day and many kids only called her fro and not her name. She was asked over and over if she was having a bad hair day. She was asked why she doesn't put all that under her hood. She was asked why her hair is so big. She kept being asked what happened to her hair and why does it look like this. My baby was born with it."

However, Adelle was informed by Audrey's teacher, "That Audrey handled the situation beautifully. She told her fellow classmates her name is not fro and that her name is Audrey and no one will call her anything else. She told them her hair is beautiful and she loves it." Carter was proud of how her daughter reacted to the incident.

I am so upset I want to cry. My beautiful daughter went to school with her hair in it's natural state. She was...

Posted by Adelle Carter on Monday, October 14, 2019

Adelle concluded her post with an important reminder, "Talk to your kids about these types of issues even if they don't have this hair type. I think because I have these conversations with Audrey she was able to react the way she did. She knows those comments come from ignorance and she's here to educate. I'm proud of my baby."

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