Mom's List Of Reasons She Doesn't Post Photos Of Her Kid Online Sparks Important Discussion

Thanks to the popularity and rise of social media and image sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, it has become easier than ever to share our lives with friends and family. Social media has helped bridge the gap between family members who live far from each other, and helped friends stay in touch as they grow apart.

However, not everyone wants to share every aspect of their lives on social media. One Redditor that goes by the username bigbadmamabear recently posed a question on the social site that has sparked a lengthy conversation.

The posted commented that she and her husband have purposefully chosen not to post pictures of their daughter on social media. In a day and age where people are setting up Instagram accounts for their newborns, this is definitely a shocking move to many.

The poster wrote that they've had to ask other family members to abide by their wishes and not post pictures of their daughter, and those family members aren't always very understanding. She wrote that she wants to respect her daughter's privacy, doesn't want her to ever "feel embarrassed or be ridiculed for something that was posted about her online," and that she wants her daughter to be the one to decide when and where she appears on social media, when she's old enough to do so.

While many of us may feel differently, most would agree that a parent should have the right to dictate when and where their child's pictures are posted to social media.

Commenters were divided on the issue with many expressing support for the posters intent on maintaining her child's privacy. But they cited convenience and the ability to share their lives with family who live far away as one of the main reasons they do share their own children's photos. Still others think that posting on Facebook will be an amazing memory for their kids as they grow older.

"There are people that don't (post on social media) but without social media, many of my family wouldn't be able to see my kids. I have family all over the world," wrote one commenter who echoed the sentiments of many.

"I post pictures on my page but I definitely make sure they're all very appropriate and not something that would embarrass my daughter down the line. I also have my family get permission before posting," wrote another commenter who also worries about the privacy of their child's pictures.

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Others simply felt that if this was the posters wishes, people need to respect them.

"We personally post lots of photos of our children online. That being said, you don’t have to justify yourself to ANYONE. This is your baby and you are the boss. Haters to the left. Seriously, I’m so sick of people judging others parenting decisions. You guys do you!!"

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Another very relatable parent wrote about how they tried to keep the pictures off social media after their first child, but as time went on it just got more difficult to do, not to mention how amazing it will be for their child to be able to look back and see a picture timeline of their youth.

"First baby, we tried. With the best of intentions we told people that to respect baby’s privacy we weren’t gonna post any pictures on social media. But then we did set up a cloud based photo album for especially beautiful or hilarious photos with close family, especially family far away.

And then it was just a profile picture with mom and dad and baby. Then grandma wanted to be able to do that too. Then a photo to share a birthday.

By the time the second baby came along, there was at least some weekly posting on social media. Baby two can run his own daily vlog for all I care, as long as I get to sleep through it.

Now I think about it like... yeah, this is photo evidence that can’t be un-posted... but damnit I wish I had this kind of evidence of my grandparents and their relationship with my parents. And mine with me. How nice to be able to look back and see how things have changed and how they’re the same."

Posting pictures of a child online is definitely a decision that should be made by the parents and respected by all friends and family members regardless of their personal feelings.

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