Mom On A Plane Demands Man Turn Off 'Game of Thrones' Because Her Kid Could See

A passenger on a plane has asked the internet if they are in the wrong for not turning off Game of Thrones when asked by a parent.

Figuring out what parents should and shouldn't let their children watch can be a minefield. Yes, there are recommended age limits when it comes to TV shows, movies, and video games, but some parents don't agree with those. There will also be situations where a different parent might be in control of what a child sees, or the children themselves.

Simply put, no matter how protective a parent is, there will be times when a child sees things that their mom or dad might not be okay with. Most parents just don't expect that place to be on a plane. A Redditor was recently watching the first season of Game of Thrones on a plane when he was asked to turn it off by a nearby mom, reports Buzzfeed.

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The mom was sitting two rows back with her child and asked the GoT-watching passenger to turn off the show as it wasn't appropriate for her son. Fans of the show will know it contains a lot of violence and nudity, especially those early episodes. Now for the twist. The Redditor refused to turn off his show, having downloaded it, especially for the flight.

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The passenger has since taken to the internet to ask who was in the wrong, and opinion appears to be split right down the middle. Some replies claim the parent to be unreasonable, and that there would have been other ways to stop her child from seeing the screen. Meanwhile, other commenters have argued that a show featuring as much sexually explicit content as GoT shouldn't be viewed in public.

Where do you fall when it comes to this dilemma? It might have been easy for the plane passenger to turn off his tablet or watch something else, but it sounds as if it was the principle of the situation by the time he was asked to turn his show off. That the mom didn't appear to ask politely or come up with an alternative solution. Sounds as if both people could have done better given the circumstances.

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