EXCLUSIVE: Loann Kaji, Mom Of Ryan ToysReview, Talks About Their Multi-Million Dollar Experiences

Behind every popular kid influencer, there is probably a mom working super hard. That is definitely the case with Loann Kaji, mom of Ryan Kaji. You may know Ryan as the star of the mega popular YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview.

Moms.com got to chat with Loann via email and one of biggest questions, and probably the one many other people have is how their constant content creation impacts their family. For those who don't know, Ryan's parents are very much apart of his content, as are his little twin sisters.

"Recording content gives our family the opportunity to spend even more time together," she explains. "Ryan loves recording videos, so it’s great to see him have fun with it and see how rapidly the YouTube channel has grown," she adds. And because of his immense popularity, "Ryan landed his very own TV show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate on Nickelodeon. The reactions from fans have been amazing, and we’re so happy and grateful for all the opportunities we’ve been given," she says.

As Ryan's brand continues to grow, it's likely that he will work with more brands to do partnerships. Earlier this summer, it was announced that he would be partnering with fast food chain Hardee's. The chain was looking to bring back their kid's meal, and since Ryan is one of the most high profile kid influencers, he was clearly the best choice for a spokesperson.

And now, he is working with oral care giant Colgate on a line as well. We asked his mom about how they go about choosing what partnerships they're going to accept. There must be dozens to choose from that we don't even know about.

"We are very careful when partnering with brands and always take our time to make sure that they truly fit with Ryan and our family." she explains. "We love to work with brands of which we are already fans, so we were very excited by our recent partnership with Colgate Kids."

Oral care is something that is and should be important to all families. Starting a healthy oral care routine at a young age can certainly save everyone a lot of trouble long term. And it looks like she understands the significance of their partnership. "It gave us the opportunity to work with a brand that is already so important to families and partner with them to create a new line that would get kids excited about brushing," she says.

Not only does she understand the importance of partnering with a brand that is useful to parents, but she seems aware of Ryan's impact on his young fans. "It’s been great to know that Ryan has been able to inspire kids and we can help out families." We know that kids will want things simply because Ryan's face is on it. But many kids are reluctant about practicing good oral hygiene. Hopefully now they will see Ryan's face on that tube of toothpaste or bottle of mouthwash and want to use the products because Ryan does too.

It's good to see that she is aware of the influence her son has on his audience. While the idea is right there in the term, "influencer," not everyone truly understands how deep that goes. Being an influencer isn't just about getting kids to buy the hot new toy, and influencers have a duty to their followers.

We also asked her if she's given any thought to what the family will do when this ends, but she politely declined to answer. It could be because they want to keep their decisions private to give their kids a little slice of normalcy. She seems very grounded, so it's safe to say that she'll do what's best for Ryan and the rest of the family, always.

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