Mom Life 2.0: Hilary Duff's Second Baby And 20 Ways It Will Be Different Than Her First

Hilary Duff was considered a young mom at 24 when she gave birth to her first child, son Luca. The Lizzie McGuire and Younger star has acknowledged that things can really change from one child to the next. Age, experience and knowledge all factored into her decisions surrounding her pregnancy and birth for her second child. In interviews and Instagram posts leading up to the birth of her new daughter, she's been clear that while she did things a certain way for her son Luca, she definitely has plans to do things differently for her newest baby. 

Six years separate her son and her baby daughter, and Hilary has explained that she feels she's grown as a mother and is in such a different place. She's not regretful of how she did things before, but she seems to have really grown into her most favorite role yet – mother. In many ways, Hilary Duff is just like us – she wants to do her best but enjoy motherhood, too. Hilary's baby daughter is only a week old now, but already things have been different this time around, and she shows no signs of settling into any old routines. It's Mom Life 2.0: Hilary Duff's Second Baby And 20 Ways It Will Be Different Than Her First.

20 Havin' A Home Birth


Before Hilary Duff entered her second trimester, she knew she wanted to do things differently. She realized that she wanted to explore the pregnancy and birth more fully and have a different experience than the first, according to People.

Duff apparently reconsidered the whole birth process after watching The Business of Being Born — and after discussing it with boyfriend Matthew Koma — decided to set the plan in place. They didn't attend any home births themselves, but boyfriend Matthew assured Hilary he'd do the research, and Hilary was present for sister Haylie Duff's hospital deliveries. She's afraid of pain but explained they made plans for that.

19 Minus The Medication

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It appears that Duff gave birth to her baby daughter sans medication. The Younger star had told the audience of the podcast Informed Pregnancy that she just didn't think about her first pregnancy and childbirth in the same way that she thinks about it now, as per Refinery 29.

She attributes this insight to being a bit older and more reflective, as well as wanting to embrace all aspects of the birth process.

Duff planned to labor and deliver without receiving any pain medication at all. It's possible that the plan changed since the family is too busy enjoying their sweet girl to discuss the details, but it seems she managed to complete a home birth at least.

18 Speaking Out

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Becoming a mother has made Hilary Duff a little less patient in dealing with lousy neighbors and their hazardous habits, as per E! News. She's not afraid to confront them, as she showed back in May of this year.

While she hadn't yet publicly showed her new baby bump, she clearly wasn't taking any chances with her first trimester and exposure to secondhand smoke.

The dispute with the neighbor turned ugly when the neighbor claimed that boyfriend Matthew Koma assaulted him, but Hilary made her case very clear both to the NYPD and online to her millions of fans on Instagram. She's come a long way from the days before motherhood.

17 Pregnancy Pro

Star Magazine

Most moms agree that pregnancy is a whole different ballgame the second time around. Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma seemed to take the preparation seriously.

After Hilary discussed her preference to give birth at home, boyfriend Matthew got to work watching videos and doing research.

Duff sterilized the house and invested in clean sheets while assembling a triple-threat midwife birth team, as per Daily Mail. The expectant couple also knew that having the right support on hand is the key to success, so her plan included having boyfriend Matthew and son Luca nearby, as well as the family's dogs and of course her sister Haylie Duff.

16 Midwife Matters

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Hilary Duff followed the line of thought that if one of something is good, then two or three must be better when it comes to birthing assistance.

Present for Duff's labor and birth were no less than three midwives and one doula, according to Inquisitr.

The star admitted that she was nervous about the pain. While she recalls laboring at home for as long as possible with her first son, she did get an epidural to assist with the pain of contractions when she gave birth to him and worried that she might struggle to stick to her no medication mantra this time around.

15 Partners This Time


When Hilary Duff was pregnant with her son Luca, she was married at the time to Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie. When she and current beau, Matthew Korma, announced their pregnancy online, fans wanted to know if the fellow musician had any plans to wed Duff. So far, the couple has assured fans that while they are most certainly happy and in love, they feel no rush to sign a marriage license, as per E!News. They're not particularly worried about falling into the traditional family mold, although friends of the couple reveal they haven't ruled out a future marriage at all.

14 Rejecting Others' Judgment

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One of the biggest controversies in recent years surrounding Hilary Duff happened when she posted a picture of herself kissing her then four-year-old son on the lips at Disneyland. She didn't imagine that so many people would weigh in on what she saw as simple affection, according to National Post.

Hilary wasn't interested in pandering to people's opinions and fired back that if they didn't like what they saw, they could unfollow, and she wouldn't even miss them.

Plenty of fans did come to her defense, but Duff's always made it clear that when it comes to her kids, she doesn't care what outsiders think. Duff just recently went public with the news that she also chowed down on her placenta after the birth of this baby, via USA Today.

13 Dear Daughter


Even though she's spent a lot of time reassuring her six-year-old son Luca how much she loves him, Hilary Duff can't deny how excited she was to find out that she was having a girl.

At the gender reveal party, when family members helped set off cannons full of pink confetti and pink smoke, she was obviously over the moon with happiness, according to People.

She posted a short video of the happy moment and her ecstatic reaction on her Instagram feed, and fans were overjoyed for her. Duff explained that since the birth of her son Luca, she's dreamed of also eventually having a sweet baby girl.

12 She Knew The Name


We suspected we might have gotten a clue back in June when she referred to her daughter as 'Baby B,' as per People. Of course, that might have just been a reference to boyfriend Matthew Koma's real last name, which is Bair. When the world finally got to meet Hilary's newest addition through her social media account, we found out that she has the unusual moniker of Banks Violet Bair, according to Hello!

It sounds like Hilary and Matthew had probably settled on Banks as a first name well before the eagerly awaited bundle arrived, and she will certainly be one of a kind with a name like Banks.

11 He Gets A Sister With A What?

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It's always interesting explaining to young siblings what a new baby will mean. They often want to be reassured that they'll still be loved and that not too many things will change. Hilary Duff's son Luca has had several talks with mom regarding babies and the changing dynamic of their family, and according to mom has some rather interesting theories as to what baby sisters come with, as per Us Magazine.

Duff's son Luca seemed reasonably certain that his sister stood a good chance of being born “part red-butt monkey.” Mom Hilary was willing to wait and see, but it appears that new baby sister Banks is all human.

10 Way Ahead Of Ya Sister

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Hilary Duff's son Luca will be six years older than his new baby sister, but having six years of his life without having to share with other siblings has made him a little uneasy.

Mom Hilary explains that Luca spent much of the pregnancy on the fence about the whole big change, according to People.

It's a big adjustment to make for a kid, but Duff says that her son has gradually warmed up to the idea, and has even offered up some well-thought-out baby names. Older children adjust better to a new sibling when their feelings and concerns are addressed and welcomed, as per Psychology Today.

9 The Lioness

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Fed up and over it when attempting to shuttle between her son's soccer game and other errands recently, Hilary Duff spent no energy and no time turning the camera on a certain paparazzo that just wouldn't stop following her from place to place, as per Metro.

Just weeks before baby Banks Violet was born, she posted a video of him in frustration, explaining that she'd asked politely for him to back off.

He then complained to her that he hadn't gotten a picture all morning, but she stood firm and let him know he'd crossed a line with her, and now everyone was going to see and hear about it.

8 Impatient For The End


Hilary Duff is often out and about with her sweet son Luca or her boyfriend Matthew Koma. She didn't let pregnancy stop her from celebrating her honey's birthday party at a bowling alley, or sunning on the beach with her son. She was even spotted out on the town in some very cute fashions – but Hilary has given her fans more than a few clues that she's impatient with being pregnant. One Instagram story in August was a direct appeal to the baby to hurry up and come out, and in September she seemed even more ready to go, according to People. Hilary explained that she's glad she had Luca to focus on. Otherwise, she might constantly be Googling things.

7 Puppy Practice Run


When Matthew Koma and Hilary Duff got back together in the spring of this year and then were seen adopting a new dog, many fans wondered if things were getting more serious between the couple. Koma was also seen spending more time with Duff's son, Luca, as per Daily Mail.

While we knew that both Hilary and Matthew were dog lovers, in retrospect, we wonder if adopting a puppy wasn't a nod to a new sense of family the two might have felt.

It's possible that bringing home a new puppy might have been a way to begin preparing to bring home something as precious as Banks Violet Bair.

6 How They Met


Hilary Duff married Mike Comrie when she was 22 and explains that at the time she'd been working and in the public eye for over a decade, so it didn't feel like it was too soon at that point, as per Cosmopolitan.

Maybe an older and wiser Hilary Duff ventured more cautiously into dating Matthew Koma.

The pair were on-again-off-again several times, and the third time seems to be working best for both, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Now that baby Banks has arrived, there have likely been some shifts in scheduling, but they seem to be adapting well to the relationship changes so far.

5 Ear-ly Celebration


Despite not feeling super great throughout this second pregnancy, Hilary Duff was still getting out to do the fun family thing with Luca and even braved Disneyland before baby Banks arrived, as per Daily Mail.

Luca went in a Black Panther costume, while Hilary changed between several sets of mouse ears and celebrated her family as a party of three for just a little while longer. It was also a birthday celebration for Hilary–perhaps she chose the happiest place on earth because she's so ecstatic about her family and her relationship at this time.

Next time this group goes to Disneyland, baby Banks will need her own mouse ears.

4 The Marriage Math


Hilary Duff was 22 when she married her now ex-husband Mike Comrie, who was 29 at the time. They were married six years before divorcing, citing irreconcilable differences.

Friends have intimated that that experience is at the back of Duff's mind this time around, explaining that she and boyfriend Matthew Koma don't need a signed document because they already feel married, as per OK Magazine.

Hilary has told interviewers that everyone gets along in Duff's version of the modern family. She may have added up her age and the length of success in her first marriage and decided the math isn't good enough to justify going for it again just yet.

3 Focus On Philanthropy

Parents Magazine

She was always taught by her mother to think philanthropically, explains Hilary, but when she had kids of her own, it refocused her on giving back. Duff thinks kids need to be encouraged to move past the stumbling blocks that life puts in the way of creativity, as per the Huffington Post. One recent project that Hilary Duff supported was the Imagine If, With Jif program.

She felt it was important to celebrate imagination in children.

While she's certainly got plenty on her plate at the moment, it seems like each further foray into motherhood only reinforces that sense of commitment to her community and children in need.

2 Kid Consultation

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We think that Duff's son is on to something when it comes to choosing baby names. While Hilary ultimately didn't go with Luca's choice, opting for Banks Violet instead, he had a more delicious and alliterative name in mind, according to Bustle. Apparently, when Hilary asked her son for name ideas, he suggested “Cofant Croissant.” When she mused that the baby could just be called Cofant, he swiftly negated that option, stating emphatically that the names go together–they are a package deal.

Luca was sure that Cofant Croissant would be totally unique.

We agree wholeheartedly and request that he write a baby names book.

1 What's Best For Her

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Motherhood is a big part of who Hilary Duff is – and she's proud of that. As her baby bump grew, she still stayed incredibly busy and was often seen out with her boyfriend and son. She even recently shared her personal tips for well-being, according to Everyday Health.

She places a lot of importance on getting outside with Luca, and she hasn't let pregnancy keep her from a regular workout routine.

During the summer she takes the workouts outside. Hilary's also worked in some sneaky leafy greens into smoothies at home for Luca. Her recent home birth with midwives indicates that she's taking that same attitude to parenting Banks.

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