• Important Lessons A Mom Should Teach Her Daughter

    The relationship a mother has with her children is an indescribable bond, and it is one that comes with huge responsibility. It is a mother who teaches those first life lessons to her children, lessons that children will carry with them throughout their lives. Of course, the relationship between children and their father and other relatives is very important too. But, that mother-child bond is such a powerful, instinctual, connected bond that has so much influence on a child's life.

    The bond between a mother and a daughter is incredibly special, as it is the mother who is the first role model to her little girl. It is the mother that teaches them about life, love, her relationships with others, and her relationship with herself. These are 10 important lessons that every mom should teach her daughter.

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    No Means No

    The world we live in today has made it incredibly apparent that this is a crucial lesson to teach to our children, both boys and girls. Children must grow up with the understanding that 'no' means 'no', no matter what the circumstances. It could be saying no to an abusive relationship, or saying no to a friend who may be leading them down the wrong path.

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    We must teach our daughters to feel confident in saying 'no' when they need to, and we need to also teach them to respect the word 'no' when others say it to them. Teaching boundaries and limits is so important, especially in our society today. We want our daughter to grow up with the confidence to protect themselves in any situation.

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    Trust Your Instincts

    Learning to listen to our instincts is a very important skill that we all need to develop, and it is one that a mother should encourage in her daughter. When that good ol' "gut feeling" is telling you that something is wrong, listen to it, trust it, and go with it. More times than not, that instinct is correct.

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    Teaching our daughters to be proactive by listening to their instincts can help to keep them out of dangerous situations, or situations that may get them in trouble. This gets more challenging to do once our daughters are into their teen years when peer pressure can be at its strongest, but if this is something that has been fostered from a young age, hopefully our daughters will still be able to tune into it.

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    Never Settle

    Never settle for something or someone you don't really want. Don't take the easy route and settle, just because it's the safer, less complicated way. Chase your dreams, go after what you really want in life. Life is too short to be stuck in a situation simply because you settled for it.

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    We need to teach our daughters to pursue the things in life that excite and inspire them, regardless of how challenging it may be. Never settle for mediocre, but work to pursue those dreams and aspirations. We need to teach our daughters to have a growth mindset, to learn from their mistakes, and to never settle until they've achieved their dreams.

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    Take Care Of Yourself Physically And Emotionally

    This is not about what size a person is or what their shape is, but how they feel inside their bodies and inside their hearts. We need to teach our daughters about healthy living, eating healthy foods that make us strong, taking care of our bodies so that we feel good, getting enough sleep so that our minds and bodies can grow strong.

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    We also need to teach our daughters about mental health as well. That it is ok to not feel ok sometimes, and what we can do to help ourselves when we are in those times. We need to teach them to identify their emotions and accept them, work with them, and find ways to move past them. More than anything, we need to teach them that it is ok to ask for help and to talk about how we are feeling, without fear of judgment.

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    Handle Your Own Finances

    Times have changed dramatically in recent years, and women hold a wide variety of roles in society, from CEO's to SAHM's, all of which come with varying responsibilities and pressures. Regardless of what path your daughter chooses, teach her to be responsible for her own finances, and to understand finances, budgets, bills, and taxes, in order to do them herself.

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    That's not to say she can't share the responsibility with a partner down the line, should she choose to. But, give her the knowledge and skills to manage her own finances herself, and teach her to never rely on someone else for financial security. She needs to be aware of her financial situation, and be able to look after herself independently.

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    Strive To Love Yourself Inside And Out

    This is a lesson that will be ongoing throughout your daughter's life, as she encounters people and situations that may cause her to doubt herself or to look down on herself. Teach her how to love herself for who she is, both inside and out. Teach her how to appreciate her intelligence and her ideas, and to not be afraid to share them with others.

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    The best way to do this, is to model your own self-love and self-care. Don't shy away from wearing a bathing suit in the summer time, regardless of how you may think you look. Don't make statements like, "I look so fat" in front of your daughter. Don't detail how you are dieting to lose weight, rather focus on the fact that you are eating healthy foods to make your body strong. Set that example for your daughter, and model how you value your own thoughts and ideas, by how you communicate and interact with others.

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    Your Voice Is Valuable—Use It When You Feel It Is Important

    Another crucial lesson for your daughter to learn is how and when to use her voice to stand up for what she believes in. Whether it's standing up for a friend who is being bullied, voicing her concerns about an unfair situation, or teaching others how we need to care for the environment. There are so many young people these days who are using their voices to make a difference in the world. Teach your daughter how to do the same.

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    It can be hard standing up to situations or voicing concerns when there may be pressure to remain quiet. Teach your daughter how to believe in her own voice and to use it for good when she needs to. Teach her how to believe in her opinions, so that she has the confidence to use her voice and express them in a positive way.

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    Conquer Your Fears—They Have Nothing On You!

    Facing our fears is something that everyone struggles with throughout their lives. We always encounter situations where we are tested for courage and strength, and it is how we handle those situations that dictate how we get through life. Teach your daughter to acknowledge her fears, face them, and then conquer them.

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    It is perfectly normal to be scared sometimes, but it is through conquering those fears one at a time that we build our own inner strength and confidence. Every time a fear is faced, we see ourselves as that little bit stronger and braver. Help your to learn how to do that, and model how you face your own fears and worries on a daily basis.

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    You Can Be Strong And Still Be Kind

    Just because someone is strong doesn't mean they can't be kind as well. Sometimes strength is construed as meanness, and this does not need to be the case. Teach your daughter how she can be strong and assertive while still being kind as well.

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    Kindness can sometimes require strength, because sometimes it goes against what everyone else is doing. Teach your daughter that that is ok, and to use her strength to go against the grain in order to be kind. She will see that true strength comes from inside from a place of good, rather than bad.

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    You Are Loved Beyond Words—Always Know Your Worth

    The bond between a mother and her daughter is so special, and it is through this amazing bond that you can teach your daughter to value her own worth and to know that she is loved beyond measure. She will need to know that she always has someone she can turn to in this world when life gets tough and she needs some backup.

    Teach her that no matter what, through all the ups and downs she may encounter in her life, she always has someone there by her side who believes in her and loves her more than anything. That will give your daughter the confidence and courage to go out into the world and live her life with grace and strength.

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