This Viral 'Frantic' Mom's Birthday Invitation Really Could Have Been Any Of Us

Every mom knows what it's like to panic when planning a child's birthday party. Even if you're one of those Pinterest moms who seem to have no trouble whipping up an Instagram perfect party in minutes there is always some level of panic that comes with planning a party for little people. While many moms struggle with the guest list — hoping to have a manageable birthday party without leaving anyone out, others pull their hair out over the perfect party favor and whether they're even necessary anymore. Some moms however simply forget to send out the invitations, which is how one moms 'frantic' birthday party invitation recently went viral.

Posted in the subreddit community Mommit, one user by the name of thelittlemisses recently posted a picture of a birthday party invitation her child received that every mom can relate to. The invite, titled "note from frantic mother botching up son's birthday" began with the mom writing, "mom fail over here." She went on to explain that although she booked her son's birthday party venue weeks ago, she had forgotten to actually send out the invitations. With less than a week until the party, this mom realized that she hadn't actually invited anyone to the party.

"So here we are less than a week away, and I'm just now inviting your kid to [name blurred]'s birthday," the invitation reads. "Hopefully even with this terrible short notice, you can make it to [name blurred] which is a nerf gun arena type place."

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She got even more real when she admitted that she hadn't actually ever been to the venue she booked for the party, but "Google made it seem promising." She concluded the invite by asking parents to RSVP by Friday, but totally understood if they were late because, "same here, parent, same here." She signed her relatable invite "Mom of the Year."

The Reddit community certainly enjoyed seeing the invite and took to the comments section to write about their own invitation issues they've had over the years.

"Lol! Relate. I sent out party invites one year and never put a time or location. Siiiigh. Had to send out another batch with the info," wrote one Redditor. "That’s so funny! One time when I was a kid this poor mom forgot to send her kid’s invitations to school until the DAY OF the party. And they still had kids show up. It’s all good, we’re all struggling so at least we can all relate, lol" wrote another.

Others thought the invite was so clever they would go simply to hang out with the mom. "This is a great invite. I would take my kid to this party, even if just to introduce myself to the mom," wrote one commenter. "Ok but her honesty and the way she can make fun of herself really makes me want to be friends with her," wrote another.

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"I've had a neighbor show up at my door at 9PM on a Friday night, inviting us to a birthday party at 10AM the next morning. Complete with last-minute printed invite and sheepish look. We've all been that mom," confirmed another poster who knows that sometimes, moms forget things!

While birthday parties are a lot of fun there can be a lot of stress that goes into planning everything. Moms definitely do the bulk of the work so who can blame them for forgetting a few things? This is one of those posts that almost every mom can relate to!

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