Mom Gets Shocking Note Home From Daycare: "Put Him On A Diet"

Texas mother, Francesca Easdon, prepared her son's lunch for his usual day at daycare. She wrote a sweet note to her 5-year-old and left it in his lunchbox. She sent him to his school in Kingwood, Texas and went on her way. Little did she know the nasty comment she would receive on that day on her special note.

To help a child who misses mommy or daddy during the day, parents like to leave a note in their lunchbox for them to read when it's time for them to eat. Of course, when I child doesn't know how to read, their teacher will read it for them, which helps to comfort them in the middle of their day away from home. Now, whether or not this note was read to the child is irrelevant at this point, because what follows next will shock many readers, if not all.

Reasonably, Francesca was flabbergasted when confronted by this appalling message sent back in her child's lunchbox. Which read, "Please tell (son's name) that his mommy loves him so much and I'm thinking about him (smiley face). Thank you." The reply written on that same message was, "No! Put him on a diet and go away!" What went through this daycare worker's mind to think it was okay to leave a nasty message to a parent who is just doing her best as a mother?

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Credit: Fox10Phoenix.com

Certainly, Easdon was enraged. As quoted on Fox10Phoenix.com"The livid mother said she immediately contacted the school, Rocking Horse Day Care, and met with the director." She even admitted that she had to reread the note before actually understanding that it was not a joke. The director apologized for the incident and would immediately investigate the problem at hand. The worker had mentioned that the note was not intended to be given back to the mother. The thing that hurt the most for Francesca was that the worker showed nearly no remorse for her actions. Looks like "Karma" came back around, as they say, and the employee was fired.

Without a doubt, Francesca Easdon looked for another daycare for her son. With this traumatic occurrence, one can see how brave Easdon is in trusting another to care for her child. She did eventually find one, which Fox10Phoenix.com, reports her saying this one is a "beautiful new facility."

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