Mom Mortifies Teenage Son With Amazing Jumbotron Dance

Parenting can be a pretty hard gig, so as parents, we get our kicks where we can, right? One of the best parts about being a parent is having the ability to absolutely mortify our kiddos when they get older. All on good-natured fun, of course! There's definitely a way to embarrass your kids in a way so everyone has fun. Sometimes that can mean wearing something really outrageous to school pick-up, or singing along at full-volume when your favorite song comes on in the car or grocery store. And sometimes, that can mean dancing your booty off at a sporting event, on the Jumbotron, while your teen son cringes in the seat next to you and prays for invisibility. One mom did this one the right way, and her dancing video is now going viral for all the right reasons.

During a Padres baseball game at Petco Park in San Diego, CA last week, Flo Rida's song "Low" came on. Now, if you've heard this song, you know it's a banger, and nearly impossible to resist! And one mom couldn't resist at all. She jumped right up and busted out some sweet, sweet dance moves, much to the chagrin of her son sitting next to her. The dancing woman caught the attention of cameramen, and naturally, they put her up on the Jumbotron, so the entire park could enjoy her impromptu dance party.

Her poor son, LOL! You just know he was sitting there begging her to sit down, and wishing and praying he could just disappear into his seat. But that mama paid him no mind! She just wanted to dance, and who could blame her! Like we said, that song is pretty catchy. And we have to admit, those moves are looking pretty good!

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We really hope the guy sitting on the other side of the teen is his dad, because he's also getting down to the music. And that would mean BOTH his parents made it their mission that evening to mortify their teen. It's absolutely hilarious, and we are living for it! Just because you become a parent, doesn't mean your days of having fun are behind you. Take every opportunity that comes your way to live your life! And never, ever let "Low" play without getting up and dancing along.

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