Mom's Prayer For Kids On The First Day Of School Goes Viral

Praying mom, Jamisha Harris posted an inspirational photo of her three children praying before the first day of school amid family struggles and fears over recent mass shootings.

"They may have taken prayer out of schools, but not out of God's children."- Jamisha Harris

As a lifestyle, Harris prays with her children every day, but as a result of the most recent events and mass shootings happening in America, she felt that they really needed prayer more than ever before the first day of school this year.

The mother of 4 who resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gathered her children together for a moment of prayer on Aug. 5, 2019. She felt compelled to pray like never before, because not only was she concerned about the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, but she has recently had struggles with housing and unemployment in addition to nervousness over a return to school following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

In a post on Facebook, Harris prayed:

"Dear God, this morning I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful, I pray for my children on their first day of school,'' she wrote. "God, I give them to You. And I ask that this school year you would use every person and every experience and every lesson to shape them into Your image, to grow in them, the fruit of Your Spirit."

Dear God This morning I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful, I pray for my children on their first day...

Posted by Jamisha Harris on Monday, August 5, 2019

In the picture shows her sons Eugene Jacobs, 10, and Jorden Jacobs, 8, are holding hands with her daughter Emily Jacobs, 7, before their first day at Idea Bridge Academy. Additionally, Harris also has a 1-year-old daughter, Hailee Shorter.

Whether it was fate or the result of answered prayer, Harris's post soon began to go viral and has helped to bring increase into this family's life during this difficult time. A GoFundMe page has already amassed more than 35,000 to help this mom better support her family, and as of Tuesday she has already received a job offer.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Harris stated, "I prayed just to give the kids some hope and to let them know that everything in school is going to be OK."

"I'm just so thankful for everyone and their support,'' Harris said. "I'm trying to invest in my own property so this won't happen where I got evicted. Even if it needs a little fixing up, I'm willing to do it." After a recently struggling to find work and having to move her family in with a family member as a result of not being able to pay rent, Harris is very thankful.

While she did not plan on her prayer going viral, she is very thankful for her prayers being answered in such a unique and timely manner.

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