Mom Intentionally Excludes Autistic Boy From Birthday Party After Inviting Entire Class

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Every mom wants her kid's birthday parties to be perfect and some have even been known to spend exorbitant amounts of money to make sure that their little ones have a day they never forget. One mom may have taken her quest to make her son's day special though and offended the entire autistic community.

In an anonymous Reddit post, the mom planning the birthday party wrote, "My son's 10th birthday is next Saturday and me and my husband have been planning a party for him. To make sure we gave everyone enough time, we got invitations ready 2 weeks in advance and I had my son pass them out Friday. We invited everyone in his class (he goes to a small private school so there were only 15 kids to invite.) Except for one child, we'll call David. From what I know about him and his mother, they are just doing the best"

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She goes on to explain the reasoning behind why she didn't invite David and there were two reasons that she cited. The first was that David attended a birthday party last year where he had a meltdown. She was not in attendance at this party, but she was told by other parents that were there that the meltdown was caused when David couldn't open birthday presents like the kid who was celebrating their birthday. She also indicated that the party would be in a loud place and she didn't know how that would affect David since he was autistic.

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It didn't take long for David's mom to learn about this post and put two and two together. She didn't hesitate to let the birthday mom know how she felt. Among other comments, she let the birthday mom know that her actions were shameful and she was teaching her son to discriminate against people who are different. She also made a post of her own putting the birthday mom on blast and not surprisingly, many moms sided with her, shaming the birthday mom as well for her faux-pas and expressing solidarity with David's mom when it came to being excluded from attending birthday parties.

Not everyone was on David's mom's side though and commenters were divided which a few being sympathetic to a mom's desire to make sure a birthday party went off without a hitch while others thought that she could invite who she wanted and didn't need to give an explanation.

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This birthday debacle is one that most parents can probably relate to. There's always a kid in the class that your child may not get along with or that may be more aggressive than you'd prefer or maybe your kid is that kid. As parents when faced with this dilemma we have to make the choice between a perfect birthday party and teaching our children bigger lessons like tolerance, empathy, and conflict resolution.

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