Mom Doesn't Check Her Child's Grades Or Homework... Ever!

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While not a pleasant part of school, grades and homework are vital for growth and education. That is, what most people believe. There are some who believe that too much emphasis is placed on a child’s grades and homework. That it is more about growth and experience than academic performance on a piece of paper.

That is exactly how one mom thinks, and she is urging all fellow moms to think the same way, according to her post on Scary Mommy. This mom’s specific school has an online platform for parents to go online and check the grades that their children are receiving. She does not. She believes that if something was really concerning the teacher would reach out to her in person instead of relying on her to check an online app.

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The reason behind this mom not wanting to constantly be checking her children’s grades has everything to do with the fact that she believes, they are not her grades. She is aiming to raise her children as independent individuals and that means taking responsibility for knowing your own grades and homework assignments.

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This also comes in to play when it comes to helping her child with their homework. She believes it is not her homework, but her child’s. She wants her child to earn their own grades, no matter if they are good or bad.

She believes this whole theory is called "cue dependent." That by intervening when it comes to our child’s grades and homework, we are allowing them to become flaccid and depend on them to make sure their work is complete, and not because they genuinely care about their education.

She strives the point that it is also important to allow children the opportunity to fail. Let them figure out what works and what doesn’t. It all boils down to letting children be their own person. Guide them and help them grow, but let them navigate school, grades and homework with their own compass. Don’t foster and environment where your child just learns to sit back and let mom or dad take care of it.

Parent’s tend to hover a lot these days, and they want to make sure their children succeed, but as this mother says, it is time to rip the band-aid off and let them figure some things out on their own.

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