10 Ways To Manage Your 'Mommy Diary' More Effectively

Half of getting ahead in life is planning. Most successful people start each day off with a plan in mind and part of this planning involves implementing a diary system, whereby notes are made and a timetable drafted for the week, in keeping with specific, measurable weekly goals. While the thought of sitting down to diarise events, whether they be social meetings or school events, might seem tedious, it will definitely put you in good stead for the whole week.

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Here are 10 ways you can manage your mommy diary more effectively:

10 Get some help

Thankfully we live in a world where it's okay to reach out for help every now and again. Are you a procrastinating mother, or are you a little on the eccentric, disorganized side? That's okay. Not every mom is Martha Stewart in terms of organization.

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This is where the services of a qualified life coach can be beneficial - and if you can't afford one of these, why not look online and see the many options the internet offers in terms of diary-setting advice and methods. Consider when you seek outside help, that you are a mom and get someone who can help you to be more effective in balancing mommy duties with personal and family aspirations.

9 Set weekly priorities

It's no use filling your diary with a whole lot of events and 'stuff' which don't match you and your child's priorities. Time is valuable and making the most of your time means establishing what is really important to you.

Your diary should reflect your values and priorities. Is spending quality time with your family and kid important to you? Then pencil it in. What about keeping fit and healthy? Does your diary reflect this priority? Also, what are your child's priorities and how can you fit these into your diary so that you can lift them up to live their best lives too.

8 Set weekly goals

What are you and your child's goals for the week? This is slightly different from priorities in that they explore specifics. Putting goals down in definite terms, allows moms to then measure each week how successful they have been in attaining these goals. To give an example, do you or your child have a dream of singing?

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How will you measure your progress each week? How much time each week should you give towards this goal, and is there a bigger goal these weekly goals can work towards, such as singing at the local community fair or in the regional choir?

7 Set aside a weekly planning time

Sunday evenings, once the kids have gone to bed, are a great time for sitting down and thinking ahead - then planning, for the next seven days. During this time, a rough diary for the week can be scheduled, based on identified priorities and weekly goals. Try do this by yourself, finding a quiet space where you can think and reflect on the past week, and dream for the week ahead.

A mom who dreams for her child, based on her understanding of her child and their unique passions, can help navigate her child towards success and dream-fulfillment.

6 Daily reflection times

Start and end the day like a champion. This means waking up just that much earlier each day to think about the day ahead, to lift everything up in prayer and to listen in the silence for the still, small voice of guidance and wisdom.

Then, in the evenings, before going to bed do the same. Only this time go over your day's diary and think about what worked and what didn't. This way, week on week, you will become more skilled at planning and navigating your way through the week.

5 'Eat the frog'

This means dealing with the big, pressing issues - 'the frogs' first - and organizing weekly priorities according to urgency and importance. If we have a deadline to meet, for example, we aren't going to spend the afternoon painting a picture (which might be a personal goal, but which is not a pressing item on the priority list).

For each day of the week, we need to establish what the five main 'frogs' are for that day and make sure they are scheduled into the day. This way, a mom can ensure she remains on a steady footing to accomplish big - and small - goals.

4 Be kind to yourself

Rome wasn't built in a day and however valiant your efforts are as a mom, your new house, or new wardrobe, or weight-loss efforts, or child empowerment projects might not happen in just one week! You will have to take it step by step and be realistic with your time.

Every minute towards your goals and priorities will lead to a more fulfilling life. So take heart - if painting each week was a goal and you haven't produced the Mona Lisa in Week 1... that's okay. Eventually, all your efforts will add up.

3 Get a diary worthy of a mom like yourself

Buying a beautiful, bling-filled diary with a shiny, sparkly cover will make you feel just that much extra special each week and day as you sit down to write your weekly and daily goals, and in the evenings, reflect on how you did in terms of sticking to the diary. Some diaries have quotes and beautiful photos catering for the diary holder's personal preferences.

Maybe you are a dog-loving mom who likes bling. Then go and find a diary with pictures of puppies and lots of pink and glitter. Your diary is your own personal book and celebrating you and valuing your time, will benefit your child and teach them to do likewise.

2 Communicate with your child

How does your child perceive the use of their time? What is high on their agenda, and what is important to them?

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Hearing from them will fine-tune your diary planning. It will also ensure goals and priorities are taken care of for not just you but for yourself and your family as a whole.

1 Monthly and yearly planning and reflection

Dealing with planning week by week is great, but ensure that each month and each year, you both plan ahead for the month, in terms of goals and priorities (into which the weekly plans will fit).

Also, that you reflect each month and year on how successful you were in achieving these. As a mom, you can consider each stage of your child's development and each year's demands and plan accordingly.

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