The Different Reasons Moms And Dads Lose Sleep Reveals The Problem With Working Parents

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There’s a new report that reveals the different reasons why moms and dads lose sleep and of course, one of the biggest problems that working parents face these days. Apparently, fathers view sleep much differently than the way mothers do, and that might be one of the reasons why they get more shut eye in the middle of the night than their partners.

A new study titled "Gender Equality and Restless Sleep Among Partnered Europeans" reveals that men have an easier time falling asleep simply because they know they need it in order to perform for their job the next day. The only time they are up in the middle of the night is when they are worried about work or the family’s financial situation.

Moms, meanwhile, instinctively get up in the middle of the night when their children need them. The study says that moms will be the first parent to roll out of bed simply because they worry more about their children. It was also noted that moms of teenaged kids tend to wait up or refuse to go to bed until they know that their child is safe or back at home.

The studies’ authors, Leah Ruppanner and David J. Maume, puts it this way, “Generally, men view sleep as a way to recover and prepare for work, while female caregivers view the night as an extension of their daytime obligations to family members.”

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But this doesn't mean that dads are the only ones who are worried about money. The report also states that working moms deal with double the stress because they are often up at night worrying about money and their kids. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female: if you are a parent who works full-time, you will be worried about making end meet. This will most likely keep up tossing and turning all night long.

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The authors continued, “Full-time workers who felt upset or bothered at work also reported poorer sleep, as did workers with less control and more demands at work, regardless of gender.”

However, the study did point out that there was one silver lining. Counties with higher rates of gender equality reported better sleep for both parents. In other words, moms are getting a better night’s rest knowing that their partners are doing their fair share of the household work, and if not more. Both parents sleep better when the chores and parental duties and responsibilities are equally divided among them. Not only are parents much happier this way, but also well rested.

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