Mom Goes Viral After Confronting Her Daughter’s Bullies At School

Bullying in schools has become a very serious problem. It's always existed - there will always be mean, insecure people who choose to pick on others. But with the rise of social media use among school-age kids, particularly tweens and teens, it's reached dangerous levels. It seems like everyday we hear another heartbreaking story of a student taking their own life or endangering their health and safety in response to being bullied by their peers. The bullying doesn't end when school lets out now. It follows students everywhere, to their homes, their jobs, their safe spaces. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp - all these platforms that allow us to connect also keep our young people connected to those who bully them. It's an epidemic, and it happens at schools all over the country. As a parent, it's so hard to know when to intervene, and it's even harder to keep from going HAM on anyone who inflicts harm on our kids! Sometimes, our instincts take over. A video shared on Twitter shows a mom confronting the students she says have been bullying her daughter, and she does NOT hold back. We have to say, while there may be issues with her delivery, we respect her for standing up for her child!

Christian Tinsley of California heard that her daughter was being bullied, teased, and even sexually harrassed by other students at her school, Niguel Hills Middle School. So Christian decided to get right to the meat of the matter. In the now viral video of her heated lecture, she can be heard telling the students to leave her daughter alone. She uses some, uh, choice language throughout the lecture. Christian tells the students that she's the real bully, and if they continue to harass her daughter, she'll take it up with their moms, their sisters, or anyone in their family over the age of 18. And by take it up, we mean she threatened to beat them up. This mama means business.

The principal of the school, Tim Reece, says that Christian was escorted off campus following the outburst, and has been banned from returning to campus by the Capistrano School District. But she has no regrets. "Kids are committing suicide every day because they’re getting bullied, and I don’t want that for my daughter,” she told FOX13. “What do I do when my daughter’s afraid to go to school?" Parents are always told to go to the teachers and administrators if their child is being bullied (we don't know if Christian tried that before taking matters into her own hands). But teachers and administrators aren't always helpful, sadly. And when it comes to our kids, our job is protect them. Hopefully those bullies got the message loud and clear.

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