Mom Faces Backlash For Making Guests Pay To Attend Kid's Birthday Party

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Kids' birthday parties seem to have gotten more extravagant over the years. While some parents still opt for smaller, at-home parties with just a close-knit group of friends having fun while eating cake and playing party games, it does seem that's no longer the norm. People are dropping some serious cash on birthday parties these days trying to make the event the most awesome, Pinterest-worthy birthday party ever.

While parents are certainly entitled to throw whatever kind of party they choose for their own child, one woman is facing some serious backlash after she opted to throw a large, extravagant party for her son but expected the guests to pay for it!

One woman recently wrote about the invite she received for her 14-year-old child's classmate that had the mother of the birthday child basically charging admission for her own child's party. The mom posted about the party on the UK parenting forum Mumsnet writing that her child, who was new to their school, was super excited to be invited to a classmate's go-karting birthday party.

She explained that the entire class was invited and that transportation would be provided since it was an 80 mile round trip to the go-karting venue. The mom asked for Amazon gift certificates as presents, which sounds like a reasonable request, but that's about all that was reasonable.

The poster writes that as the date of the party got closer, she began to receive more information about the party, with texts from the mother of the birthday boy asking for a deposit for the go-karting (as well as to pay the balance on the day of the party) and for money to pay for the transportation! If you didn't think this was bad enough, everyone was then asked to pack their own picnic lunch — plus extra — so the birthday boy could enjoy it as well! The total amounted to almost $100 USD plus a gift that the "guests" were asked to bring.

Credit: Mumsnet

Needless to say, the poster was shocked to be asked to provide so much for a party, but she didn't want to disappoint her son by not sending him. She wrote that she was thinking of simply taking her son and a friend go-karting on their own since she would be paying the same. Her husband thinks she should simply go along with the birthday party so their son doesn't miss out.

Most of the commenters agreed that they would have no problem denying the invitation and that requesting other people to basically pay for your child's birthday is out of line.

"She essentially wants everyone else to pay for her sons birthday. No way would my DC be going."

"That is absolutely insane. I would definitely decline. Surely if you are throwing the party, you pay for everyone? She sounds cheap."

"She must be planning on a massive profit. No way would ho karting and transport for 30 cost over 2k."

Still, some felt that since her son was new to the school and was a teenager, it would be good for him to meet new friends.

"Ordinarily I would decline on account of the ridiculousness but you say he's at a new school...that does make a difference. If going to this party is going to help him make friends and settle in then I might have to suck it up and just seethe privately."

In the end, the poster decided to forgo the party and take her son and a few friends out on their own, but he "has asked that I tell them we cannot go because something else has come up and not because we think they’re greedy."

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