10-Year-Old Girl Films Mom Driving Drunk, Calls Police On Mom

A Glendale area mother is now facing DUI charges after her daughter filmed her while she was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. The 10-year-old called the police to report her mother, and when they arrived on the scene they spotted the 31-year-old swaying as she stood outside her car.

The daughter showed footage of her mother, who was driving the car along with the 10-year-old and two other children under the age of 15, to the police. According to documents, all three children are heard yelling at the woman to stop the vehicle. The woman, Stephanie Davis, had taken the children to see the movie The Lion King, where she admitted to drinking wine.

"This is the most embarrassing thing to happen in my life that was the most failed moment of being a mother,” Davis told Arizona Family. Davis even praised her daughter for notifying the police of her actions. “She (Davis' daughter) was very heroic she absolutely did the right thing, I did go to the movies and I did consume my wine, very wrong it is so easy to make an honest to God mistake,” said Davis.

Her daughter said she knew something wasn't right when she thought her mother was speeding on the way home. “The speed limit wasn’t right and like really fast and I didn’t feel safe at that time and I also wanted to protect my cousins and my mom," the young girl said. “ I called the police and I’m like my mom is not okay I know she’s drunk she’s driving crazy,” she added.

According to the police report Davis, who refused a field sobriety test, smelled strongly of alcohol, had red, bloodshot eyes and was slurring her words. "When she walked, she had to be supported by officers, and when she tried to exit the patrol vehicle, she fell down and had to be caught by officers," wrote one officer in the police report.

“I’m very disgusted with my behavior and I thank god so much that nothing happened to my daughter to my nieces and to nobody else,” said Davis, who has been charged with aggravated DUI.

She also told Arizona Family that she has a message out there for other parents who think it's OK to have a few drinks while out. “Just don’t do it. Just save the wine for at home it’s fun and nice to have while watching the movies but it’s not worth the risk anyone else’s life.”

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