Mom Approved: 10 Best Strollers Currently On The Market (And 10 That Don't Even Deserve A Second Look)

One of the biggest purchases parents have to make once they have a child is to get a stroller. And with so many options out there, this decision can be quite overwhelming. But don't worry, that's where we come in. To help parents choose the best option for their needs, we have assembled a list of 10 best strollers and 10 that aren't even worth a second glance. This list is based on reviews by those who definitely know what's good: parents themselves. There should be something for everyone, as we've covered jogger strollers, city strollers, travel systems, umbrella strollers, super lightweight strollers, and last but not least, super fashionable strollers that look cute but are also practical and reliable. As for the worst ones... parents should probably not opt for these, which is why we didn't link where to purchase them. Trust us, life without them is easier. Surely they might work for some people, but with a lot of negative reviews, they do deserve a spot on our list.

And with having all that said, here are 10 of the best strollers currently offered on the market, followed by 10 strollers parents should definitely stay away from.

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20 Mom Approved: Baby Jogger City Mini

Via: amazon.com

According to Parenting Review, the Baby Jogger City Mini is pretty much the best stroller of 2018. What parents specifically love about this stroller is how easy it is to fold up because of its Quick-Fold handle. It literally only takes a few seconds. And we all know how annoying folding strollers can be sometimes, so this is definitely a major benefit! Besides this claim, it's also super easy to push around and has just enough space to hold all of the necessities for a day.

19 Mom Approved: GB Pockit

Via: amazon.com

Another quite popular pick seems to be the GB Pockit. This one is especially suitable for those looking for a very lightweight stroller, and it is so compact that it can be folded up into a tote bag! This definitely makes it a perfect choice for those who travel by airplane a lot. Besides this, another bonus is that it comes fully assembled, which means there's no annoying time spent putting the whole thing together!


18 Mom Approved: UPPAbaby Vista - Jake

Via: amazon.com

The UPPAbaby Vista - Jake is the perfect stroller for those who need a stroller that accommodates growing families. This is mainly due to how versatile it is in terms of add-ons. A second RumbleSeat can be added on and bigger kids can just hop on the PiggyBack Ride Along board in case they get tired of walking. This makes the UPPAbaby Vista - Jake stroller perfect for families of two or more kids.


17 Chicco Viaro

Via: amazon.com

According to Parenting Reviewed, Chicco Viaro is another parent favorite when it comes to strollers. Its three-wheel design, lightweight frame, and pull-to-fold handle make this stroller very reliable and easy to use. Another thing parents love about the Chicco Viaro is its large storage basket (because we all know how much baby stuff one can end up carrying around). Last but certainly not least is the fact that this stroller can go down to $150 during a sale, which is such a great deal compared to other similar strollers.


16 Mom Approved: Britax B-Agile 3

Via: amazon.com

According to Baby List, the Britax B-Agile 3 is another lightweight three-wheel stroller that parents are obsessed with. It is especially suitable for crowded cities where one needs to make lots of sharp turns and navigate up and down from sidewalks. And any parent knows how difficult such walks can sometimes be, but this stroller makes walking your baby in any city a great experience! Besides this, parents also appreciate its easy foldability and decent storage amount.


15 Mom Approved: Cybex Mios

According to The Bump, the Cybex Mios as one of the best city strollers parents can get. It is not only extremely versatile due to its 3-in-1 design (which means it can be used as a rear- or forward-facing stroller, bassinet or a travel system), but it also has a one-handed folding mechanism which makes the Cybex Mios very compact. An added bonus parents loved is the fact that it reclines to four different positions and has a three-position adjustable leg rest.


14 Mom Approved: BOB Revolution PRO

Via: amazon.com

Baby List claims that the BOB Revolution PRO stroller is one of the best strollers of 2018. According to parents, it is the perfect stroller for active families, as this jogging stroller is very easy to maneuver. It also has an adjustable suspension system which ensures smooth rides so that your baby can peacefully chew on teething toys even if the road is pretty bumpy. Besides this, the BOB Revolution PRO is also very easy to set up.


13 Mom Approved: Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan GEO

Via: amazon.com

The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan GEO stroller is another widely popular choice, and besides being a good stroller, it is also one of the prettiest strollers you can get. It has super sleek lines, amazing tailoring and a pattern that sort of reminds us of Louis Vuitton's iconic checkerboard pattern. This stroller is definitely perfect for all the fashionista parents out there. Besides looking amazing, it has three seat positions, a second set of fabrics to use, and of course, it comes with a fashionable diaper bag.


12 Mom Approved: Baby Jogger Vue

Via: amazon.com

Meet the Baby Jogger Vue stroller, the next generation umbrella stroller that is definitely is another parents' favorite. The seat is reversible with the option of multiple reclines, and thanks to adapters, this beauty can also perfectly function as a travel system. The Baby Jogger Vue stroller is also collapsible, which makes it super easy to use. For parents who are looking for an umbrella stroller, this is definitely one of the best choices.


11 Mom Approved: Bugaboo Bee5

Via: amazon.com

Last on our list of best strollers is the Bugaboo Bee5. Based on reviews, this stroller is a favorite mainly due to its lightness, as well as its stylishness. Unlike the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan GEO, this design is simpler, more contemporary, and less opulent. It also offers a very smooth and stable ride, despite its lightweight design, since it has four-wheel suspension. The reversible seat can be folded up so that parents can easily access the storage basket. In general, parents claim that this stroller is very easily maneuverable.

10 Mom Disapproved: Graco Aire3 Click Connect

Let's kick of our list of worst strollers with the Graco Aire3 Click Connect. According to Consumer Reports, this stroller just doesn't meet parents' expectations. It has a multitude of flaws, such as a cup holder which is permanently sewn to the child's grab bar. This makes it difficult to clean. Besides that, because of the cup holder and the padded strap covers, it is quite difficult to seat your child. The main disadvantage of this stroller is that its crotch belt portion of the harness tears easily, making this stroller very unsafe.

9 Mom Disapproved: Baby Trend Sit and Stand

Via: amazon.com

According to Modern Mom, the Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller is another one to stay away from. Based on reviews, its biggest disadvantage is that it is so big that even when folded, it hardly fits in car trunks. Besides this, the wheel base is pretty long, making it very difficult even for strong parents to steer it. For a stroller that is meant for a baby and a toddler, it is quite inconvenient, especially if used while traveling.

8 Mom Disapproved: Cosco Umbria Convenience

Via: amazon.com

The Cosco Umbria Convenience stroller ranked pretty low on View Points, which is why we had to include it. The main issue with it is that it is quite small, even for a small stroller, making it difficult to remove a child from the seat without scraping its legs on the snack tray. And obviously no one wants to hurt their kid while putting them in and out of a stroller, which is why the Cosco Umbria Convenience should really be renamed the Cosco Umbria INconvenience.

7 Mom Disapproved: Stokke Xplory

According to Consumer Reports, the Stokke Xplory stroller is another one parents should not get. While the stroller itself looks very fashionable, it is definitely not easy to use, and at a price of $1,200 one would definitely expect perfect features and a convenient product. The biggest issue with this one, besides the fact that it is overpriced, is that most parents need to refer to the manual to figure out how to operate the Stokke Xplory, and sometimes parents don't have time for that. A stroller should be as intuitive as possible, and this one definitely isn't.

6 Mom Disapproved: Baby Trend Skyview Travel System

Via: amazon.com

The Baby Trend Skyview Travel System made our list of worst strollers because it has a car seat that is much more narrow than most brands, making it hard to pick your child up and out of it. Besides this, the quality of the stroller seems inferior to other brands. Another common complaint is that it is difficult to maneuver, especially inside stores, as the front wheel seems to flip around quite a lot. There are much better travel stroller options out there!

5 Mom Disapproved: Inglesina Trip

Via: amazon.com

According to Baby Bargains, the Inglesina Trip Stroller causes more grief than convenience for the parents. Customer reviews claim that the Inglesina Trip Stroller is pretty difficult to use, as it seems to be more heavy toward the back of the stroller, which makes it quite hard to steer. And if parents are going to invest into a nice stroller, there's plenty of better ones within the same price range that are definitely easier and more convenient to use.

4 Mom Disapproved: Maclaren Quest

Via: amazon.com

Another not-so-good stroller is the Maclaren Quest. Parents mostly complain about the quality of it, as some parts seem to be prone to breaking, which is something no parent wants to risk. Another common issue with it is that there is a bar connecting the back wheels, which a lot of parents seem to be hitting while walking. And on top of this, the storage basket is not that easy to get to, making the Maclaren Quest stroller pretty inconvenient to use.

3 Mom Disapproved: Zobo Element

According to Consumer Reports, the Zobo Element stroller definitely deserves a place on our worst strollers list. Not only does this travel system not alleviate stress, but it is also ridiculously difficult to use. For example, to adjust the shoulder straps, one needs to completely rethread them and what parent on this Earth has time for that? Seriously, it's the little things that are always wrong, but that does not mean they aren't important. On top of this, the front wheel does not lock, which could potentially be dangerous.

2 Mom Disapproved: Inglesina Zippy Light

Via: amazon.com

The Inglesina Zippy Light stroller is another one that scored low with customers. Parents mainly complain about it breaking after about a year of use, and with it on the pricier side of strollers, that should definitely not be the case. Another issue parents had with it was that it is quite big and they would end up kicking its wheels when walking. Besides this, getting the seat to recline is tricky and the handlebar is made up of three parts and can bend while steering.

1 Mom Disapproved: Chicco Urban Stroller

Via: amazon.com

Last on our list of worst strollers is the Chicco Urban Stroller. While it looks very sleek, most parents complained about how the frame feels very wobbly and the wheels perform poorly. Besides this, it takes three hands to unfold it, two to press the buttons and one to lift the handle, which makes this very inconvenient when a parent is alone. Additionally, a lot of pieces have to be detached when stored, which makes it time-consuming and slightly tedious to use.

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