Mom Angry With Sister-In-Law For Getting A Tattoo Of Her Kids' Names Without Her 'Permission'

One of the sweetest (and most permanent) ways you to pay tribute to someone is through the art of tattooing. Tattoos allow you to honor or memorialize important people and moments in your life. They're a permanent reminder of how much someone means to you! Lots of parents tattoo their kids' names or pictures on their bodies. When you're a parent, and it's your kid, it's not weird at all. But how would you feel if someone else tattooed your kids' names on their body? In some cases, it could probably be sweet, like if a grandparent or beloved family member did it.

But when it's someone you and your kids are not close to, and they didn't ask your permission or even tell you about the tattoo ahead of time, things can get really awkward, really fast. That's the situation one woman on Reddit finds herself in. She posted in Am I the As*hole? to see if her anger over her sister-in-law getting the names of her kids tattooed on her arm was justified. We have to say, we'd be pretty angry and weirded out in this situation, too.

Image: Reddit

The mom shared that her sister-in-law had her kids' names tattooed on her arm. Her SIL lives far away, and doesn't have anything resembling a close relationship with her nieces and nephews. She sees them once a year and speaks to them briefly on holidays. In fact, during one of their recent visits, the SIL sent the kids to McDonald's with a friend and didn't even accompany them! The SIL has no children of her own, but still.

She's not even close with these kids, and according to the mom, the kids wouldn't consider her a beloved aunt. What makes it worse is that she got the tattoo without talking to the parents about it first, and they found out when she posted a picture of the tattoo on Facebook after the fact.

The mom said she wanted to cancel their upcoming vacation over this, which seems like a bit of an overreaction to us. There's no reason to punish the kids for what the SIL did, and not being able to see their grandparents would be unfair. But we definitely think she and her husband need to have a sit down with the SIL, and talk about how this incident crossed a line. What do you think?

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