10 Pieces Of Advice Mom Should Give To Teenage Boys

Being a teenager is full of new experiences and adventures, but sometimes the teenage years are coupled with some turbulent waters. Body odor, new schools, facial hair, and growth spurts are just a few of the many potentially confusing stages that your teen boy could be experiencing for the first time. Furthermore, the societies of today tend to neglect to mention the amount of pressure put on young boys to act tough and adhere to standards other than those they were raised with. Nonetheless, it is a joy to watch your child develop into a young adult right in front of your eyes. We’ve compiled a handy list containing the best pieces of advice that you, as a mother, should give to your teenage boy!

10 Be Your Own Person

As a teenager, peer pressure may seem unavoidable. Your son may start to alter his clothing choices, hairstyle, or even personality to suit the likeness of the other kids at school. While it’s definitely understandable to have the desire to fit in, you need to ensure that your boy knows how important individuality really is.

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One of the most crucial pieces of advice you can offer him is that it’s always better to be your own person. Explain to your son that he will be happier in the long term if he sticks to the things he truly enjoys rather than changing himself to be compliant.

9 Maintain Your Manners

Secondly, it’s always wise to remind your teenage son about keeping up with his manners. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for teenage boys to step out of the habit of using “please” and “thank you” as a part of their daily speech. Some boys think it’s cool to play it off and act in an impolite way, but it’s crucial to advise your son to stick to his manners. Not only will behaving correctly make your child more charismatic as a whole, but it will also serve to greatly improve how others perceive him. Teachers, friends, and potential significant others will be more likely to converse with a polite, well-mannered teenager in all situations.

8 Work Hard, Play Hard

The teenage years usher in a wave of new responsibilities, particularly academic challenges in high school as well as balancing work with extracurriculars and other activities. It’s important that your son understands the importance of his education and is prepared to work hard, both in school and in other potential situations. Advise your child to set up a balanced schedule that incorporates the necessary study time for him to succeed at school. However, also explain the importance of unwinding and relaxing during his free time. You’ll find that copious leisure time coupled with hard work will greatly improve your son’s concentration and overall success.

7 Treat Your Partner (and Everyone Else) With Respect

One of the main developments throughout the teenage years is the beginning of dating and relationships. While this is a new and exciting way for your son to experience all that life has to offer as a young adult, it’s also a good place to set some boundaries and advise him on how to act respectfully. Relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, trust, and respect, and you should explain each critical component thoroughly to your son to ensure that he has the best experience possible. Also, remind him that he not only needs to treat his future partner with the utmost respect but everyone he meets as well!

6 Think Positive

With so many physical and emotional changes taking place all at once, things could get exhausting for your teenage boy. Some days, he might feel down and alone in the world. Advise your son to always think of the more positive side and focus on the things he could do instead of dwelling on the things he cannot change. Although it might be difficult, tell him to try his best with always thinking proactively. If it’s a failed test, try setting up tutoring sessions. If it’s relationship drama, try having a direct and respectful talk with the other person. Even if you can’t solve every problem, there will always be ways to mitigate the effects.

5 Think Ahead

Teenagers, especially boys, tend to act impulsively. As a result, many teens have to put up with the negative consequences of their irresponsible actions, sometimes for life! Therefore, it’s crucial to advise your boy to always think of his future. Before doing anything even remotely out of the ordinary, ask him to consider if he would want colleges, future employers, or his family to know.

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Remind your son to always look at the big picture and consider how his actions now might change the course of his later life. Sometimes, it could be the smallest things that set off a chain reaction, so it’s extremely crucial that your boy understands the big consequences!

4 Be Open-Minded

In the coming years, there will be tons of new faces, activities, and topics that will bombard your son’s perspective. Although it’s not a bad idea to stick with one’s core beliefs, advise your boy to keep an open mind towards other cultures, people, and ideas. Never reject a topic without learning about it first, and always be accepting of people who are different from you. Tell your son that the only way to truly learn about all the beautiful differences of the world is to open your mind and be willing to listen. Not only will his horizons greatly expand, but your son will also be accepted in return for his willingness to learn.

3 Start Learning About Finances

A big part of becoming an adult is to keep a budget and manage finances correctly, and it’s never too early to start introducing these ideas to your teenage son. Specifically, you can coach him on possibly getting a part-time job, and start a savings account to get on the right track. Advise him on spending money on necessary things rather than unnecessary luxuries, and tell your son about the importance of keeping up with a budget and making wise choices about money and credit. Doing so will give your son a huge boost and ensure that he’s ready for college life and beyond!

2 Crying is Okay

In today’s society, boys and men are faced with the stigma that they must be tough as nails both physically and emotionally. However, you must remind your boy that he’s human too, and has the right to any human emotion just as much as everyone else. Specifically, make it clear that it is absolutely okay to cry in certain circumstances. Allow your boy to express his feelings and show his emotions, and make it clear that crying doesn’t mean that he is weak. In fact, advise him to never keep his feelings pent up, and always talk to a trusted loved one about his worries and troubles. Doing so will promise a healthy emotional balance for your teenage son.

1 Believe in Yourself

Lastly, perhaps the most important piece of advice you can provide your teenage son is for him to believe in himself. Throughout the process of growing up, your boy will be faced with a variety of different challenges, whether it is academic, social, or emotional. The key to getting past it all is simply to have faith in your abilities. The biggest motivation that you can provide for your son is that you believe in him and that he should too. Advise him to tackle each task one step at a time, and celebrate with him for each minuscule success. Doing so will build up self-confidence for your boy and ensure that he thrives as a young adult.

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