Mom Accused Of Blowing Smoke Near 1-Month-Old Child's Face In Viral Video

Viewers on Facebook live were horrified recently when they saw a young Tennessee mother’s live stream with her and her infant baby. The video allegedly showed the mother smoking and blowing the smoke in her one-month-old baby’s face while twirling the infant with one hand. Those viewers were quick to contact the police and alert them to what was happening and the mother has since been arrested.

Police responded to numerous calls from concerned viewers after 24 year old Tybresha Sexton live-streamed the video on Facebook. WTVC News reports that they received several calls about the video and when they arrived at Sexton’s Chattanooga home, she denied the claims and allowed the officers to check on the infant. They also said that she smelled of alcohol, that there were empty liquor bottles lying around and that she was making “irrational statements.”

According to the police report, several neighbors were able to show the police clips of Sexton’s live stream, including video of her picking up her one-month-old daughter by the arm before dropping her, and blowing smoke near her face.

The affidavit also states that Sexton told the police that she, "didn't want that f***in' baby anyway," and she "already told them that."

A portion of the video can be seen posted by the New York Post where Sexton can be seen holding the baby in one hand and lighting up in the other. She then proceeds to lift the baby up and down quickly with one arm while smoking with the other hand. The video reportedly lasted for 30 minutes in total with the NYP reporting that Sexton was also seen shaking the baby while viewers protested.

Sexton was arrested on child abuse charges as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges and is being held at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on a $100,000 bond.



Posted by RoastemTv on Monday, September 30, 2019

The arrest report states that the infant is now staying with Sexton’s mother and that Sexton is due in court tomorrow, on October 4.

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