Mom Accidentally Voice-To-Texted A Diaper Change & It's Hilarious

The mom life struggle is so real most of the time. Mainly because there's literally no break. We all know that mom brain is totally real, as evidenced by leaving your coffee on your car's roof and driving away, or packing everything in the baby bag but clean diapers. And sometimes mom brain leads to truly hilarious situations. One mom on Reddit found out just how funny it could be because of a hilarious mistake.

The Reddit thread where the mom's comment appears is irrelevant honestly. But it's user Mishkinia's comment that really makes the thread worth viewing. Her comment starts out coherent enough. "I’m experiencing this and have been with my best friend. :( She has BPD and it makes it even harder. My pregnancy and child have brought up a ton of horrible" it begins. But then it goes off the rails in the most epic way possible. "do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop poop We have a poop we have a poop we have a poop poop poop poop poop poop poop" she writes.

This hilariously continues for several more lines. Like this absolute gem, "Mama change your poop you mamas poopy boy I love you my poopie boy oh my little buddy mama is almost done mamas almost done oh there we go."

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Credit: Reddit / Myshkinia

And the next part is too real to anyone who has ever dealt with a little one in diapers. "can mama put your pants on hey can I put your pants on mama put your pants on OK I love you buddy I love you that’s my buddy oh there we go no more poops no more poops now we got a wash our hands."

In a follow up comment, Mishkinia realizes that her comment kind of makes no sense after a while. "Jesus Christ... accidental talk to text during a diaper change. I have to get him down. I’ll finish this comment in a bit!" She writes. Clearly, she had forgotten that she was in the middle of something when diaper changing time came up. We've all been there, when you see a kiddo with a full diaper, you gotta take care of it quickly.

As funny as her mishap is, the responses are what makes it even better. "If anybody needs to know what motherhood is like, this is it. In a nutshell. Perfect," reads one. "DYING laughing at this right now! This is the realist comment ever and I'm so glad you didn't take it down. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who talks to their little one like a crazy person and uses the poopy nappy as a topic of conversation with them! My guy loves getting his bum changed and being naked so it's ALWAYS a fun time [for him] haha. I'm trying to envision this as a song and I'm laughing even more!" is another.

It's clear that poop unites all people, even if you do embarrassing things during a diaper change!

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