Mom Accidentally Shoots Daughter After She Came Home From College To Surprise Her

When it's time for kids to fly the nest and go to college, it can be a difficult transition for everyone. It's hard to be that far away from the ones you've raised for so long, plus teenagers have to learn how to do laundry which is a scary prospect in itself! One Ohio mother got a surprise visit from her daughter, but it didn't exactly go to plan. According to Newsweek, mom was so startled that she accidentally shot her teen in the arm.

The mother was alone in her bedroom when she became scared after hearing noises from inside the house. With no plans for any visitors, she became concerned that there was an assailant in the property and picked up her .38 special handgun. When the bedroom door opened and someone ran into the bedroom, mom panicked and fired, hitting the 18-year-old in the arm. The youngster was accompanied by her boyfriend, who immediately called 911, telling the operator, "My girlfriend just came home from college and her mom didn't know, like honestly - she accidentally shot her and we don't know what to do, it's pretty bad."

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It wasn't long before emergency services were on the scene, tending to the wounded teen who was reportedly "covered in blood." According to Girard Police Chief John Norman, the woman had a valid permit for the gun. The incident will be investigated and handed over to a Prosecutor, who will make the decision whether or not to bring any charges.

Thankfully, the young woman will make a full recovery, but it could've been a lot worse. She has been released from the hospital and is recuperating. It may be some time before any surprise visits are made in the future, if ever at all.

The incident appears to be a very unfortunate accident for everyone involved, turning what should've been a joyous occasion into a police matter and possible legal troubles. We all want to see our teens, but it may be time to remind them to drop you a line first, just to be on the safe side. No one wants to end up in the ER because mom thought they were an intruder!

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