Modified Roomba Shouts Profanities When It Runs Into Something

Every parent dreams of having a robotic vacuum in their home, just taking care of all their cleaning with an effortless schedule of the app or a quick voice control prompt. It sounds like bliss, especially when time is not on your side. It's become a growing stable in homes because it's equal part productive and provides a level of entertainment if your pet or child reacts in a funny way to this machine rolling around doing it's thing. A Roomba has recently been taken to a whole new level by being programmed to shout profanities whenever it runs into something and we're giggling just thinking about it.

YouTube star and programmer, Michael Reeves, who “at the request of his fans,” completely reprogrammed his Roomba to say some very interesting choice words while it's cleaning. In fact, his fans wanted to see this happen so bad that they were all commenting like crazy - even on completing unrelated videos.

Welp, they got what they were begging for. And we mean it -- this is your fair warning that the video -- while it makes us laugh -- is filled with swear words. Watch with headphones or wait until babe is asleep.

So what did he conclude during the process? His conclusion was that a Roomba could be programmed with any voice that he wanted to have it scream whatever he wanted when it experienced any sort of impact, like running into a wall. He shared that did did play around with quite a few different voices before deciding on the final tone, which he is considering to be his “final prototype.”

And of course, twitter thought that this was the coolest thing ever.

If you're wondering: no, the prototype isn't and probably won't be available for purchase.  But he did set the vacuum loose in Target and it is really hard to not laugh at it. And to be honest, this probably wouldn't be the best thing for a parent to have in a house with kids because they will learn some choice words that you probably don't want them using at preschool. But, it's definitely fun for some sh&#s and giggles.

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