The Mismatched Nail Trend That's Sweeping Instagram Is Really Cute

mismached nails

When a new nail trend pops up, we're always have excited to see what it is, and half terrified. Some nails trends are absolutely amazing, like matte nails or cute nail art. But some of them are downright crazy. We had to turn away from the video showing fingernails being turned into little feet. And does anyone remember the horror of the fingernails being made to look like teeth?! Sometimes things go so sideways, it's comical. Hopefully, there aren't actually people walking around with little feet or a set of jaws on their fingernails. But some nail trends are so stunning, they have to be replicated! The newest nail trend  is mismatched nails, and it totally takes us back to the days of painting our nails as teens with every color polish we owned.

Mismatched nails are exactly what it sounds like! Why spend so much time trying to decide on one nail color, when you can have every color?! You can do a full fall palette, or keep your nails nice and bright with spring colors.

Seriously loving those pastel hues! The great thing about this mismatched nails trend is that the sky is the limit as far as which colors you choose. You can do dainty and light, like the nails above. Or you can rock some bright primary colors and coordinate your hands.

It's like ombre nails! Of course, when you can include so many different colors on your nails, you can totally do a real ombre.

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Ombré in gel 🌈

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Now that is an amazing manicure! The only problem is we'd be so afraid of chipping them that we'd refuse to use our hands for weeks. If you love the idea of mismatched nails but don't want to deal with the upkeep, you may want to do a half-dipped tip manicure.

Leaving the area near your cuticles free of polish means you can disguise grow-out, leaving you plenty of time in between trips to the salon.

Finally, if you want to try the mismatched nails trend but don't want to commit to a full coat, these little pops of color on clear nails are perfect.

We seriously love this mismatched nails trend! It's so awesome to see people having fun with their nails, we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Just please, no more feet or teeth.

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