You Can Buy A Mini Henry Hoover For Your Kids, And Actually Works

henry hoover vacuum for kids

At some point, you just have to give up the fight against kids' toys and accept your fate. You can't keep them out of your house, no matter how hard you try. Even if you don't buy your kids toys, someone will. A well-meaning friend, a grandma who likes to spoil them, your own partner. One day you will look up and realize that your home has basically become a storage unit for toys, and you will feel powerless to change it. Honestly, you might as well succumb early and save yourself the stress! But while you may not be able to control the flow of toys into your home, you can damn well control the types of toys your kids play with, right?

Books, puzzles, art supplies, games - all good choices! You want toys that they can learn something from. And while it's all well and good that your kids are learning their ABCs, you might also consider using toys to teach them other, equally valuable information. Don't raise a bunch of slobs - instill in your kids a love of cleanliness and order with toys that make cleaning fun! And teach them how to wield a vacuum with this super adorable and shockingly realistic mini Henry Hoover vacuum.

mini henry hoover vacuum
Credit: Walmart

Look at that adorable little face! The mini Henry Hoover Vacuum from Casdon is the perfect trainer vacuum for your little ones. They can follow you around as you vacuum with the real deal, and practice all the ways they're going to help keep their homes clean as they get older! This little cutie actually works, too. It can suck up little bits of paper and small items like poly beads. It runs on four C-type batteries, so no worries that your kid will shock themselves trying to plug it in. You can find it at Walmart for just $33.

Casdon also has a toy vacuum for kids with more, uh, refined tastes. Vacuums are vacuums, but we fully admit to loving our Dyson because it just looks so dang cool. Now your kiddos can have their very own mini Dyson!

Credit: Walmart

The Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum is a direct replica of the latest Dyson ball vacuum model. It has colorful beads that swirl and spin to simulate the cyclone action, and this one also really works! You can get your mini their own mini Dyson from Walmart for just $39.99. Happy cleaning!

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