Millennials Are Going Off On Older Generations Who Stereotype And Point Fingers

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Over and over again, it seems that older generations are blaming Millennials for pretty much everything bad in the world. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the generational demographic that follows Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this label starts or ends, but it typically refers to birth years from the early 1980s as to the mid-1990s to early 2000s. They are the generation that is known to spend more on items just because they believe in them, are typically renting homes versus being able to buy, and swimming in lots and lots of student loan debt. Finally, Millennials have had enough and are speaking out.

For some reason, this generational gap is the scapegoat for many people, especially the Baby Boomers - and it doesn't look like it's going to change. They are either spending too much money, can't hold a job or are the reason that our government is failing. It's always something and enough is enough with playing the blame game. In order to set things straight and simultaneously help other generations understand what Millennials go through on a daily basis, a hashtag was created (#StrugglesOfAMillennial), which has caused a chain of responses to go completely viral - for good reason!

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Some of the most notable conversations revolved around the fact that Millennials are all expected to be extremely over-qualified for any job that they apply for, yet every company out there seems to be paying bare minimum for the role. The struggle is real when you're struggling to pay a mountain of student loan debt and Millennials are dealing with this every day, as one of the most educated, yet unemployed, generations out there.  

And to piggyback on how Millennials are generally poor (ahem, no jobs), people took this opportunity to raise awareness for that, too.

But of course, as we figured would happen, many people used this platform as an opportunity to poke fun at the some of the Millennial ways such as way too much Insta-gramming and always needing to be connected to WiFi.

We get it, it's always fun to have someone to always be the brunt of the joke, but this joke is getting old. It's time for people to be more accountable of their actions and maybe these Baby Boomers should shift some of the responsibility elsewhere. Or maybe, just maybe, we could all work together. The world would be a whole lot sweeter this way.

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