Millennials Are Drinking More Because They’re Having Kids Now

Listen, we have kids. We know exactly how hard it can be. We understand the stress, the fears, the worries. Nothing makes you want to crawl into your bed and hide from the world quite like a toddler, you know what we mean? And yes, technically speaking, we are part of the millennial generation! Millennials are defined as people born between 1981-1996. Many of us millennials are parents now, trying to balance the weight of raising kids in an uncertain world. We all handle the stress in our own way, but according to beer and wine maker Constellation Brands, we're drinking more because we have kids. This one is a bit strange, friends.

At a discussion between Constellation Brands CFO David Klein and analyst Lauren Lieberman at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference, Lieberman jokingly said that the reason millennials are drinking more is because they have kids. It's sort of a tired joke, but Klein seemed to agree, and tried to back up the assertion by citing Constellation's research on millennials and their drinking habits.

In 2013, the company found that millennials drank about 24 alcoholic beverages a month; that number had risen to 29 per month in 2019. Furthermore, about 77% of millennials drink alcohol.

And while that is all well and good, Klein didn't mention if any of the company's research actually looked at WHY millennials appear to be drinking more than other generations. Drinking has become much more socially acceptable than it was in generations past, and has sort of been ingrained in our lives from early adulthood.

Furthermore, there's lots of research to suggest that millennials are actually the first generation in a long time who aren't having kids - the birthrate in 2018 fell to the lowest it's been in 32 years. The cost of having kids is astronomical, and many millennials are concerned about how increasing the population impacts an already precarious environment.

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So if millennials aren't even having kids, how can they be drinking more because they have kids?!

We will fully admit that sometimes the perfect ending after a long day of parenting is a glass of wine after our kids have gone to bed. But the connection made by Klein between drinking more and having kids seems tenuous, at best. There are plenty of reasons people are drinking more, we're sure. Things aren't exactly hunky dory in many parts of the world.

But let's be honest: having kids is freaking expensive, and it doesn't leave us with a whole lot of booze money at the end of the day. If millennials are drinking more, we're inclined to think it's because the world is on fire and no one wants to grab a hose.

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