Millennial Parents Are Angry Because Their Parents Keep Sharing Photos Of Their Grandkids

Millennial parents are taking their kids’ privacy on social media seriously, but the grandparents aren’t getting it.

When social media first took off, new parents were sharing every little detail of their babies’ lives. It may have been annoying at times, but it seemed harmless. More recently, millenial parents have begun to realize that sharing private information on social media may not be respectful to their children. Worse, it may even endanger them.

Modern parents have changed their minds about social media for several reasons. The kids who were born at the height of social media oversharing have grown up and discovered that they already have a strong online presence. They are not very happy about this surprise, especially since it was created by someone else, unbeknownst to them.

Next, there is the safety issue. No one likes to think about this, but kidnapping and human trafficking are alive and well in today’s world. Putting photos of your children up, along with clues to where you live, is downright scary.

Emotional protection is important as well. Children’s lives can be affected if their image becomes a meme and goes viral.

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Millennial parents have become more aware and have consciously set limits on how or whether their child’s image appears on social media. Some parents even have strict no-post rules, meaning they do not allow any photos of their kids online. Grandparents, however, may have a hard time respecting these rules.

While millennials have grown up with social media in their lives, many of their own parents are just getting into it. Baby boomers don’t understand why their adult children get so upset when they proudly post images of their grandchildren.

It is important to set clear ground rules with grandparents and other family members when it comes to social media. Along with spelling it out, it can be helpful to explain why. Additionally, keep an eye out and give firm reminders if the rules get broken. Babyboomers may be offended, but in the end, it is worth it to stick to your boundaries.

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