Millennial Moms: 20 Things They Still Think Are Safe In 2018 (But Aren't)

As a Millennial myself, I see many of my friends that are in the same generation as I am start to get married and have a family of their own. It’s interesting to see how in some respects, they keep some of the same traditions that we were raised with—such as their kids growing up watching classic Disney movies like The Lion King or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In other ways, Millennials are doing things a lot differently than how our parents raised us. For example, there’s more of a push amongst Millennial parents to be more conscious about what ingredients are in common food items like maple syrup or being wary about drinking too much soda. I can safely say that I grew up eating regular old maple syrup with waffles and drank copious amounts of soda as a kid, and my parents didn’t even bat an eye or break a sweat about it.

Like anything else, some Millennials—especially the mothers—can be overzealous when it comes to raising their child and it can actually backfire on them in a pretty spectacular way. These missteps by Millennial mothers that are trying to navigate the world of motherhood are explored below.

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20 Relying On Essential Oils All The Time

There have always been old wives’ tales that have been passed down from mother to mother for generations, but nowadays, Parent Map points out that it seems as if Millennial moms are overly-reliant on essential oils to soothe their child’s aches, pains and ailments.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an essential oil to soothe a colicky baby or to help your child calm down after a temper tantrum—Millennial moms seem as if they’re always ready to bust out the all-natural remedy at a moment’s notice. Sure, they smell great and all, but if there’s a serious issue going on, it’s probably best to ditch the oils and actually get advice from a professional.

19 Listening To Social Media Followers For Advice Over A Doctor

According to Pop Sugar, some Millennial moms have a tendency to turn to the Internet for advice—and that includes all of their followers across a wide variety of social media websites.

For mundane questions, such as asking for recommendations for something like pacifiers or even looking for the best bicycle shop because they want to purchase their child a new bike, looking up advice on a search engine or polling your social media followers is absolutely fine.

But when it comes to serious concerns, such as child’s potential illness, Millennial moms run the risk of being fed tons of misinformation. When it comes to more serious matters with a child’s health, it’s best to always consult a doctor instead of asking for advice online.

18 Stop Over-Scheduling Your Child's Activities

Kindercare points out that many Millennial moms are so into the idea of introducing their child to new activities that they wind up signing them up for far too many after-school classes than they can handle, which leads to your kiddo feeling totally worn out because it is exhausting to try and juggle so many things on top of schoolwork all at once.

For example, my neighbor’s child is signed up for more activities than I can count on one hand. I honestly don’t understand how the poor kid does it. Between the dance classes, softball practice and being on the basketball team, I’m surprised she doesn’t just fall asleep in school. I get exhausted just hearing about her schedule!

17 Hiring A Tutor For Your Pre-Schooler Isn't Healthy

Romper notes that according to the Pew Research Center Millennials are one of the most educated generations out there and that love for learning has naturally been introduced to their children.

Unfortunately, some Millennial mothers have traded the joys of playing with toys like stuffed animals or dolls for hiring a tutor for their child just so they can get them into a prestigious pre-school and start their studies off on the right foot. This is a bad idea since playtime is absolutely essential to their growing child’s development and a lack of play could lead to some issues down the road.

16 There's Such A Thing As Being Too Obsessive Over Safety Measures

According to Simple Most, Millennial moms are getting a little too overzealous when it comes to their child’s safety. It’s one thing to hit the Internet and research which brand of car seat is the best or if they have had a few recalls for one reason or another, but when it gets to the point that you’re ordering items that you definitely don’t need because you’re worried that you’re child is going to get hurt, then it is time to chill out.

For example, our kiddo will be perfectly safe even if you don’t order baby knee pads for them so that they don’t hurt their knees crawling around on the floor and you don't need to tell perfect strangers the "correct way" to buckle their child into their car seat.

15 Eating All Organic, All The Time Isn't The Best Idea

Romper writes that many Millennial moms are worried about the kind of food that their child eats. This is a pretty normal worry for parents no matter what generation you’re from, but as always, there’s some folks that take it just a step too far.

For example, some moms ban any kind of junk food or items that they deem “unhealthy” (like the whole debate about GMOs, or genetically modified organisms) from ever touching their cupboard and they get really irate if their child’s friend’s mother allows them to drink something as simple and as normal as soda during a play date.

14 Don't Fall For The Distress Of Vaccines

Romper points out that when it comes to vaccines, it seems to be split 50-50 amongst Millennial parents. Either they are all for the traditional schedule or they are wary of them and want to discuss subjects like the possibility of an “alternative vaccine schedule” for their child.

The Washington Post says delaying a child’s vaccinations might not be ideal because it increases the amount of time they could be at risk for catching something. Scientists add that vaccinations are perfectly safe and your child isn’t going to be at risk for having an overstimulated immune system or something like that.

13 Scheduling Playdates Instead Of Letting Your Kids Roam The Neighborhood

Kindercare writes that in this day and age, the work week has expanded, Millennial moms are working longer hours and often have less time to spend with their children at home.

One downside of Millennial moms working longer or even odd hours is that they have become totally into scheduling; this has spilled out over to every aspects of their lives—including that of their children. Some mothers have even taken to scheduling play dates with their child’s friends.

It’s an ironic trend given that most Millennials grew up playing outside with the children of their neighbors for hours on end roaming around the blocks or the local parks and only rarely had scheduled play dates with their friends.

12 Embarrassing Your Child In An Attempt To Go Viral

Watch Me Grow notes that many Millennial parents have admitted that social media is a big part of their lives and influences their parenting, but sometimes that influence can occur in a negative way too.

Nowadays, there are tons of stories on social media about funny stories on a blog or a great video that went viral because it made everyone that watched it cackle with sheer abandon. Some Millennial moms take this trend a little too far and will purposely try to either embarrass their child for clicks or capture something on video that made their poor kid turn beet red in an attempt to go viral and get their 15 minutes of fame.

11 A Little Deprivation Never Hurt Anyone

Smart Parenting points out that many Millennial moms don’t want their children to ever feel deprived of having the newest toy or as if they missed out on anything like taking horseback riding lessons, but they forget to realize that a little deprivation has never hurt anyone.

When you buy your child anything and everything that they want, you’re actually teaching them to put more stock in material items. Delayed gratification means teaching your child that they can’t always get what they want, when they want it. This is a good way to teach essential skills such as self-control and to not rely on material objects for happiness or worth.

10 Giving Your Kid A Unique Name Could Lead To A Lot Of Teasing Down The Road

Romper points out that Millennial moms have nixed ordinary names like Jennifer, Thomas or Emily for monikers such as Khaleesi (thanks, Game of Thrones), Apple, or North (seriously, Kim and Kanye, what were you two thinking with that name?)

I know nerds are going to be nerds and, hey, I will fully admit that my dog Zoe was named for Taissa Farmiga’s character Zoe Benson, but if you want to give your child a unique name, for the love of Pete please make sure that it isn’t going to be one that will lead to them getting teased for years on end by their peers.

9 Being A Helicopter Mom Towards Your Child

By and large, Millennial parents tend to fully embrace the stereotypes regarding parenting styles—such as the “Tiger Mom” or the “Helicopter Mom.”

While there are some Millennials that reject the need to keep an eye out for their child at all times and no matter what they do, A Fine Parent writes that there are others that have fully embraced the idea of hovering over their child.

It’s perfectly fine and natural to want to keep your child safe, but when it crosses the line to being too much—such as re-writing your kid’s homework or constantly volunteering to chaperone on a field trip because you don’t trust anyone else to watch your son or daughter—then it’s smothering and completely unhealthy.

8 Parenting Isn't A Competition And It's Going To Give Your Kid A Complex

Romper adds that Millennial moms are often competitive with one another, which leads to things like bragging on social media that their child got into an expensive and elite pre-school or that their child is the star athlete on the basketball team.

It’s one thing to be proud of a child’s accomplishments, but the fierce competitive streak that is oh-so-common amongst Millennial mothers is another kettle of fish entirely. It’s going to wind up giving the poor child a complex and low self-esteem and it’s so not healthy to have your identity be so firmly entwined with your child’s list of accomplishments.

7 Forcing Your Child To Wear Floaties In The Pool Well Past The Time They Should Have Aged Out

The Huffington Post writes that since many Millennial moms are way too worried about hovering over their child in order to keep an eye on them, this actually winds up holding their child back.

One great example is when they insist that their child wear floaties on their arms long past the age when they should have been encouraged to at least try swimming without them or graduate to one of those life jacket floatation devices. I myself wore floaties on my arms until I was about five, then I used a back floatation device while I took swimming lessons for another year or two, but it wasn’t long before I had the confidence to splash around freely at my local pool club.

Let your kid be a kid, Millennial moms—if you’re really worried, sign ‘em up for swimming lessons just like we had!

6 Risky Play Amongst Children Is Discouraged

Romper writes that many Millennial moms are totally worry warts and ascribe to the “Helicopter parent” trend, which often leads to them discouraging risky play when their child is romping around at the local playground at the park.

This is not a good idea, since some previous studies have found that risky play makes a child more resilient and improves their self-esteem because they have the confidence and the knowledge that they can get through difficult things. Children that are more risk averse are often more sedentary and might struggle with worrying all the time, even if it is about something mundane.

5 Too Much Reliance On Technology As Entertainment

Back when I was a kid in the ‘90s, the whole smartphone and tablet craze hadn’t even begun and I grew up occupying my time by going to the library, rollerblading in the schoolyard down the block with my friends, and playing with my toys in the backyard.

Parent Map writes that instead of letting their child pick up an actual book to read, they’re allowing their kid to develop an over reliance on technology as a way to entertain themselves. In an age where there’s literally an app for everything, it’s all too easy to keep a little one occupied by having them read an e-book or mindlessly play games on a smartphone instead of encouraging them to use their imagination with their toys or going to the library to pick out their own books to read.

4 Keeping Your Kid Stylish Could Backfire On You In Terms Of Their Self-Esteem

According to Romper, Millennial moms tend to make parenting extremely performative and they act as if their entire lives—including their own children—are part of a reality television show. This includes dressing their child up like they are going to be the next famous fashionista or designer.

This could wind up backfiring on them because it puts too much pressure on their child to have trendy clothes and it might even wind up lowering their self-esteem too.

When shopping for your child, just remember—the items you purchase don’t always have to be the trendiest. It’s perfectly okay to buy something comfortable and generic looking for your little one.

3 Constantly Oversharing On Very Public Social Media Accounts

Parent Map notes that Millennial moms have disregarded all of the warnings their parents ominously told them about privacy and the Internet back in the ‘90s, when things like chatting on instant messenger was still all the rage, because they have a tendency to constantly over share every aspect of their child’s life and even their own too.

This may not seem like a big deal, but there still are some people with bad intentions out there in the world of the Internet and putting too many details or photos of places that can be easily identified is definitely not a good idea.

If you must write a blog, it’s probably best to use a pseudonym just in case. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!

2 Constantly Keeping An Eye On Your Child's Social Media Isn't Good

Very Well Family points out that Millennial parents, especially moms, are far more involved with every aspect of their child’s life—including what they post on social media.

It’s perfectly fine to be wary about your child and the world wide web, which leads to rules about what websites they can visit and implementing parental controls on social media networks or on the computer itself, but some moms take it a step too far by constantly monitoring what their child posts online after they have hit an age where some of the restrictions should have lessened. That’s not healthy, and it’s only going to wind up making your child hide things from you because they think that you will get mad at them.

1 Constantly Texting Your Kids When They're In School Might Lead To Detention

Watch Me Grow points out that Millennial moms absolutely adore technology because it allows them to keep in contact with their child no matter where they are; it’s also a way to allow them to chat with friends and relatives while they spend quality time with their kiddo after coming home from a long day of work.

Of course, since Millennial mothers can be a pretty overprotective lot, this nifty advantage that our parents didn’t have can be overused. Some moms are even texting their child when they’re in school, which is a) rude and b) incredibly distracting to everyone else. If it’s not important, save the text until lunchtime or after school; and if it’s an emergency, it’s best to go the old-fashioned way and call the school office directly.

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