Too Cute: 10 Charming Items From Mila And Emma’s Target Line

For those who don’t know, Mila and Emma Stauffer are twins who are famous online. Their YouTube videos and social media posts appeal to fans of all ages, as these two youngsters already know how to dress, act and entertain in such an epic way.

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For those not in the know, these two fashionable girls now have their own clothing line at Target, which is such good news - especially to their fans who are around the same age.

Yes, from everyone’s favorite affordable and high-quality store, there are now tons of cute and girly dresses, swimsuits, tops and shorts...and these are our faves:

10 2pc Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Shorts Set

This two-piece set comes with a short-sleeve top and a pair of shorts, which can be worn together or mixed and matched with other items. The entire outfit is super soft and easy to get in and out of, with elastic around the waist.

There are also cute little ruffles on these pieces and some white lines on the shorts, just to give both clothing items an extra oomph. Yes, many girls would find it easy to incorporate these special pieces into their wardrobes, and casual looks would certainly be elevated with this tee and these shorts!

9 2pc Rickrack Ruffle Bikini Set

Just in time for summer, this is this precious lavender and pink swimsuit, which features a bandeau-style top and high-waisted bottoms. The straps up top can be adjusted, to get the perfect fit, and there is extra spandex throughout, since kids will be running around, swimming, playing and traveling to the beach or pool in this look.

For that extra cute Mila and Emma touch, there are ruffles and bows on this bikini set, which help it stand out even more among the sea of average, boring and ordinary suits that already exist. We wonder if it comes in an adult size…?

8 Floral Print Ruffle Sleeve Smocking Dress

A dress like this is a staple, as it can be dressed up for school while also working as casual wear for a party, playdate, or a trip to the store; just switch different accessories in and out, in order to create unique ensembles!

Yes, this blue smocked and sleeveless dress has ruffle and floral details, which is super sweet, and it is made out of breathable cotton that children will love. The A-line cut and the pullover style of this piece make it easy to get on and off and to wear in general.

7 2pc Sleeveless T-Shirt and Shorts Set

Another easy-to-wear option from Mila’s and Emma’s collection is this T-shirt and shorts set. The top is made out of cotton, and the bottoms are made out of a cotton-blend, meaning this is another comfortable choice. The coloring is light blue, which is quite pretty against a variety of skin tones.

Of course, there are ruffles on it, giving it that signature look that is extra cute. Once again, this set can be worn together, or it can be added to the pieces that are already owned and worn by people. Both of these options work really well.

6 Short Sleeve Tie Waist Dress

It is easy to imagine these social media stars in a dress like this one. Luckily, every girl can now rock a look like this! This handkerchief dress features eyelet detailing and a tie, too, that makes for a perfect fit and that can be tied up into a bow for even more feminine flairs.

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As usual, this piece is comfortable, easy to wear, bright and trendy, making it a smart option for so many people out there. From the sleeves and the neckline to that unique hem, there are just so many interesting details within this adorable dress here.

5 2pc Peplum Tank and Shorts Set

Instead of wearing a basic tank top and some boring old shorts, opt for a set like this. There are fun pastel colors. There are cute tassels. There are materials like Spandex and 100 percent cotton for comfort.

Furthermore, there is a peplum, which is super in style. Yes, this top and these bottoms also compliment several different clothing items while looking fab together. Plus, not many outfits made for children have tassels and a peplum, making this a must-have option from this exciting new line.

4 Stripe Swimsuit

Along with keeping us safe and secure, popular swimsuits tend to also make people look good, as well. That is where a suit like this comes into play. Mila and Emma have helped create a one-piece with white and blue stripes and - of course - a statement ruffle. So this has a classic vibe to it, but it is also sweet and a bit sassy!

Furthermore, there are adjustable straps for a comfy fit and UPF 40–49 rated material that helps protect from the sun. Once again, we can’t help but wonder... can we get this in our size, please and thanks?!

3 Swim Cover-Up

The adorable pieces on this list can be taken up a notch with this cover-up. It is technically made to go over swimsuits, but it could be paired with jeans or a pair of shorts and worn as a blouse, too.

It has that soft and breathable material, it has ruffles on the sleeves and at the bottom, there are tassels up top, and the blue really pops against this cute pink color. Whether this is worn on a tropical vacation, to the pool with friends or as a top with one of the shorts that have already been mentioned here today, this is another winner.

2 Floral Print 2pc T-Shirt and Embroidered Skirt Set

Two of the cutest pieces from this clothing line are pictured here. There is a 100 percent cotton T-shirt in a pretty mint green color, which features a cartoon image of Mila and Emma and the words “Best Friends” on it.

How awesome is that?

There is also a pull-on skirt that is made out of cotton candy-like pink tulle and which has floral designs on it, too. Together, this set is a show-stopper, and when this top and this skirt are worn with other pieces, girls can add some more flair to their wardrobes.

1 Sleeveless Ruffle Shift Dress

This pink dress can, as seen, be worn with sandals for some summertime fun. A jacket, leggings, and boots could be added, to transition it into the fall season. Some flats could be worn to make it dressier. Sneakers could be put on, as well, to give this shift dress a sporty look. The options are endless with this piece, which has a button-back design, a polka-dot print, a cotton construct, and that amazing ruffle detailing.

Yes, all of these clothes are too great, but we particularly are loving this sleeveless dress from Mila’s and Emma’s line at Target!

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