4-Year-Old 'Influencers' Get Their Own Clothing Line At Target

Mila And Emma Stauffer

You may not know them by name, but chances are you've seen 4-year-old influencer twins Mila and Emma Stauffer before. The very sweet and very sassy sisters have gone viral more than once for the hilarious videos their mom Katie Stauffer posts on her Instagram page. Stauffer has more than 4 million Instagram followers who love to watch Mila and Emma comment in their very own way on everything from how much "one-uppers" annoy them to how their day at preschool went.

While you may have only recognized their faces in the past, you're soon going to know their names now that the twins have landed their own clothing line that will be sold exclusively at Target stores.

"My girls' big personalities, which my family and I enjoyed within the confines of our four walls, are what put us on the map," Stauffer said in a press release about the new clothing line.

"Today, Mila and Emma reach our community of over 9 million social followers and beyond. I always found joy dressing my kids in adorable handmade costumes and cute outfits, and my followers did, too. Social media transformed our family's lives and have opened the door for us to share our passion of making people smile with the world. It was my family's dream come true to create this collection, and we're excited that Target will be carrying it."

Katie Stauffer told PEOPLE magazine that the girls were thrilled to be able to participate in the design of their own clothing line, although Mila may have shown a bit more interest than her twin.

“We’d have fabrics in mind and they said, ‘Definitely this one,’ ” Stauffer told the mag. “They were part of the fittings and everything. Mila would say, ‘I think this should be lower,’ and stuff like that.”

“They were a big part from the beginning to the end,” she adds. “When we did get the dresses for them to call on, they were so excited.”

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Fans of Stauffer and her adorable twins, who are just two of her equally fashionable five children, are no doubt thrilled that the clothing line will be priced affordably.

“Not a lot of bigger stores have that affordable high-end look. This particular line is for spring, so a lot of soft colors and floral,” Stauffer said . “A lot of dresses. Also separates that match. But it is really feminine, really girly, springy and Easter!”

Stauffer says the girls had a blast shooting the photos for their upcoming clothing line and says both are so excited for their clothes to hit store shelves.

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If you love Mila and Emma's style you don't have long to wait. Their new line, Mila & Emma for Target will be available in stores and online on February 24th.


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