Disney’s The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Coming Soon

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer has got to be The Lion King. A "live-action (CGI) remake of the 1994 classic animated film. The Lion King is a beloved classic for many reasons. 90s kids loved the bright, boppy songs, and still haven't recovered from the tragic death of Mufasa. This new version is very much in line with Disney's live action remakes of their classics. Introducing a new generation to Simba and the other characters of Pride Rock will be a treat. Especially if you buy your kiddo this new Simba toy from Furreal.

Disney's The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba by FURREAL is going to be the hottest toy of the summer. This cuddly cub responds to touch and sound, which makes for a lot of fun. He looks like the new version of Simba and has a full range of motion. With over 100 sound and motion combinations, he can move his head, eyes, mouth, ears and tail. So it's definitely worth the splurge.

Furreal Simba roar
Credit: HASBRO

Simba by FURREAL isn't just a passive stuffed animal. In addition to being motion activated, he talks as well. He says phrases from the movie and makes sounds. Your kiddos can get rough and tumble with Simba while they both roar over the fun. There is no doubt that this toy will make your little ones fall in love with Simba.

Play time will be made better by the addition of this sweet cub. They can both pretend to be the "mighty king" of the jungle. After a fun romp, your kids and Simba can share a snack. Simba comes with his most favorite treat, a grub on a stick. So he can feast on his grub while the kids take a popsicle break!

Furreal Simba in box
Credit: HASBRO

The Lion King roars into theaters in late July. Directed by Jon Favreau, it stars Donald Glover as adult Simba. Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen star as Simba's pals Timon and Puumba. Beyonce voices adult Nala, Simba's bestie and love interest. And James Earl Jones reprises his role as Simba's father Mufasa.

Disney's The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba by FURREAL retails for $99. It will be available through most major retailers beginning in June. But it is currently available for presale through Walmart.

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