Microsoft Store Now Offering Free Summer Camps

Microsoft is offering free in-store summer camps, and we’re secretly wishing we were 6 again. Today, knowing your way around technology is an absolute must, it’s basically the modern-day Home Ec.

Aimed at equipping kids ages 6 and up with game coding and developing skills, Microsoft is offering 7 summer camps for future game-makers, and simple game-lovers alike, so if you’re looking for a fun camp for your mini gamer, you’re going to want to sign up!

Learning things like code so that they’re equipped with future career (or even hobby) skills can be a daunting new skill for kids which is why Microsoft is making it fun. Tapping into today's most popular video-games like Fortnite, and even the popular fandom, Harry Potter, kids can create and code their own wands, code their own fireworks, and even feed Fluffy. In another camp, kids can even create their very own video-game. How cool is that!? You can rest easy knowing that trained Microsoft employees will guide your child through expertly-crafted lessons (developed by some kick-ass authorities in education) and activities that will feed your child’s imagination while also arming them with real-world knowledge.

Microsoft Store offering free summer camps for kids to learn coding and developing

Registration is now open for these summer camps which will be running from May to August. You can get the scoop on specific dates and times these camps will be held by registering online, or stopping by your local Microsoft Store.

Geeking out while gearing up for success is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer, and will be an experience your kids will treasure and rave about for years to come.

The summer camps being offered in Microsoft Stores are:

Gaming Summer Camp: Grow Your Passion for Gaming and Learn Positive Life Skills (Ages 8+ and Ages 13+)It’s one thing to be a gaming champion, but it’s better to do it through teamwork, resilience and effective communication. Use those skills during Rocket League and Fortnite tournaments for 8- and 13-year-olds respectively, and discuss as a class how these habits help student to excel in both gaming and everyday life. Every gamer should feel empowered to have fun the way they want, and this camp will help instill in students the value of being supportive and positive with other gamers.

Design and Create Your Own Video Games with MakeCode Arcade (Ages 8+)Want to build your very own video game? Take on the fundamentals of computer science and video game concepts and let family and friends in on the action when you publish your own game with MakeCode Arcade.

Harry Potter Creative Coding Workshop (Ages 6+)Discover code for the first time and explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Make and code your very own wand with the Harry Potter Kano coding kit, as you build a foundation of skills. Code your own fireworks and feed Fluffy, amongst many challenges.

Harry Potter Creative Coding Camp (Ages 8+)Explore and code your own version of iconic Wizarding World spells and charms like Wingardium Leviosa– all in an immersive experience with the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit.

Code a Talking Robot with OhBot (Ages 8+)Teach a robot to speak and move, all with code. Using computational thinking, you and your OhBot will explore speech recognition and face-tracking technologies.

Make Hustle Happen, Start Your Own Business or Champion a Cause (Ages 13+)Meet some NFL players who “make hustle happen” through their own side businesses. Learn how to create your own side hustle or support a philanthropic effort and develop an action plan with the pros.

Creating Connections with Dear Evan Hansen (Ages 13+)What does a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical have to do with technology? “Dear Evan Hansen” is a groundbreaking musical exploring isolation in the age of social media. Participate in the new initiative it’s sparking that’s empowering teens to build more meaningful connections in their daily lives – with family, friends and their community.

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