Michelle Duggar Is Being Heavily Criticized Over This Photo With Her Daughters

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For most of us, Michelle Duggar isn't exactly the gold standard of motherhood. She's not an awful mother as far as we can tell. But most of the people who follow her and the rest of the family don't exactly agree with their beliefs. In the last decade of being in the public eye, Michelle Duggar's parenting skills are often criticized. That's likely never going to stop. Recently she shared a picture on Instagram and faced criticism for it.

In the picture, Michelle poses with daughters Jennifer and Jordyn. Standing next to several trash bags filled with clothes, they happily smiled and posed. They were dropping the bags off at a children's clothing consignment store. It's not unusual to see Michelle out with a few kids at once. She clearly tries to make an effort to spend special time with them all. But one follower had some harsh words.

"Wow. Michelle raising her own kids. Where is Jana? Taking the photo?" reads the comment. Anyone who has been following the Duggar family for a while know Jana has a hand in taking care of her younger siblings. With so many kids, the Duggar parents used a buddy system approach, especially when they traveled. Each of the older kids were responsible for at least one of the little kids.

As her sisters all began to get married and move out, Jana remains at home. We have no definitive reason why she's still living at home and not married. At least some of it is because she still helps Michelle with the younger girls, who aren't even that little anymore. Josie, the youngest of the 19 Duggar kids is almost 10. But now that the younger kids are older, Jim Bob and Michelle can travel to engagements without taking them. So, Jana usually stays behind to care for her younger sisters when her parents travel.

Fans have really strong feelings about Jana's treatment by her parents. Many believe that Jim Bob and Michelle are holding Jana hostage. Given the fact that Duggar kids get married off between the ages of 20 and 23/24, Jana is ancient. Next year she'll be 30 and her twin John-David is already married and expecting his first child. Even though it's totally normal to be 30 and not married, the Duggars are not exactly normal.

Maybe Jana was at home, or with her rumored beau Lawson Bates.

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