The Michelle Carter Suicide Texting Case Is Being Turned Into A True Crime Series

The bizarre true crime case of the death of Conrad Roy that captured the attention of the public due to it's unusual nature is now going to be made into a T.V. series. According to Deadline, Universal Content Productions (UCP) has gotten the rights to a true crime article written by Jesse Barron in Esquire in 2017. This article was titled "The Girl From Plainville".

"The Girl From Plainville" was a thorough account of what happened in this unusual case. Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy had a close relationship over the span of a few years, mostly by way of text messaging and email. In 2017, Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Roy. Roy had committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, and it was found that Carter had encouraged him to end his life by way of texting and messaging. This brought up the question of who was responsible for his death. Roy had been struggling with some mental health issues, and had wanted to end his life.

Reportedly, Carter also had some mental health issues, and the two would discuss their issues with each other. Although Carter originally was supportive towards Roy, she eventually began to encourage him to commit suicide, framing it as a positive outcome for him. She was charged, and her involuntary manslaughter conviction was largely due to the fact that Roy had second thoughts, and left the vehicle which was filling with carbon monoxide. Carter then told him to go back into the truck, which he did, ending his life.

UCP has produced some other successful true crime series, such as Dirty John and The Act. The story of Carter and Roy is such an unusual one, that it would likely make a compelling series. The case garnered a lot of attention as it raised the question of whether you can be responsible for murder, based on words alone.

Carter is currently serving a 15 month sentence for her part in Conrad Roy's death. The case was chronicled before in an HBO documentary titled "I Love You, Now Die".

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