Michelle Carter Case Inspires New Suicide Bill Called 'Conrad's Law'

Conrad Roy's family is fighting to prevent what happened to their son from happening to any other family in the state of Massachusetts.

The death of Conrad Roy garnered a lot of attention due to how unusual and sensational the case was. Although he died as the result of suicide, his girlfriend at the time played a major role, as she encouraged him to do it via text and electronic messages. The case against Michelle Carter made headlines. The question was, would she be found guilty for his death? When he was in the middle of his suicide attempt via carbon monoxide poisoning, he left the vehicle and she urged him in messages to go back in. This is what ultimately ended up in a conviction for manslaughter for Carter.

The family of Conrad Roy is now trying to get a law passed that would make suicide coercion a criminal offense statewide. This means that people will be held accountable for encouraging those who are suicidal to end their lives. This will called be called "Conrad's Law". There may be up to 5 years in prison for those who are convicted of breaking this law.

The family hopes that Conrad's Law will help people be aware of how they are communicating with vulnerable people in crisis. According to CBS Boston, Lynn Roy, the mother of Conrad Roy, said “My son was the most kind, warm, compassionate person... By passing Conrad’s Law, I truly believe this is the perfect way to honor him.”

Conrad Roy was only 18 when he died in 2014. He was suicidal, and after being urged by Michelle Carter, he took his own life by filling his truck with carbon monoxide. Carter ended up getting convicted for her role in his death in 2014. She was convicted of manslaughter.

Many kids are struggling, and they may be far more likely to talk with their friends about it rather than to an adult or a professional. It's important that those who are vulnerable are protected, even from their peers. Under Conrad's Law, encouraging a suicidal person to take their life will be a punishable offense.

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