Michaels Is Hosting A 'Make Your Own Slime' Event, And It's Free

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It might the year 2019, but that doesn’t mean the slime craze is over yet (or at least not according to a handful of YouTubers out there). As a matter of fact, Michael stores nationwide will be hosting a free slime day! And yes, we are thinking the same thing you are thinking: at least our kids won’t be making a mess at home this time!

Michaels is hosting an event that will definitely make your children screech with joy. Mark your calendars because on February 9, the arts and crafts supply retailer is hosting a Slime Your Heart Out event where your kids can decorate their own Valentine’s slime. And here’s the best part: the event is free! The event runs from 1-3 p.m. local time, so be sure to not to plan anything else during that time.

For the last two years kids have been obsessed with making their own slime at home, thanks to plenty of DIY videos online. And yes, parents can’t wait until this craze is over as it leaves a huge mess for many moms and dads to clean up afterwards (but hey, at least they are not using their electronic devise, right?).

So, how do you make slime? It’s quite easy. While the polymeric materials give slime its substance, a gelling agent is needed to give it the non-Newtonian liquid behavior. In classic slime formulations, borax or sodium tetraborate is used. When dissolved in water, sodium borate dissociates into sodium ions and borate ions. With that said, parents are urged to be mindful when using borax. That’s because it can get in the air and irritate your airways. If kids put their hands in their mouths by mistake, it could be toxic.

Otherwise, it’s a completely safe activity for kids and yes, they truly do love making their own slime at home. If that weren’t enough, some psychologists and educators even encourage slime making. They find slime calming because it keeps children’s hands busy and distracts them, which in turn helping to manage their anxiety. In addition, slime can be a stress relieving aid for adults, too. Have fun making slime with your kids!

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