Mom-Shaming Cartoon Receives Intense Backlash For Horrible Depiction Of Motherhood

Moms get shamed, daily, for seemingly everything. Whether it's because they do (or don't) allow screen time, don't (or do) feed their kids an all-organic diet, or don't (or do) put their kid's coat on to walk from the parking lot into the store on a chilly day. It's never-ending.

One thing that people love to shame moms about is how much they use their phones. Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig recently decided to take that shame to the next level when he posted a picture he drew on his Twitter page. The tweet has no caption, but the cartoon says, "Mummy was busy on Instagram; When beautiful bubby fell out of the pram; And lay on the path unseen and alone; Wishing that he was loved like a phone."

[Pause for an epic eye roll from every mom out there]

There is so much to discuss in this tweet that it's difficult to decide where to start. More than anything, moms, dads, and even childless people have chimed in with overwhelmingly negative feedback to this Tweet. Leunig's cartoon is peak mom shame, because it's not only calling out women for (gasp!) looking at their phones for a little stimulation, but it's implying that they need that stimulation so badly that they wouldn't notice their baby falling out of its stroller.

As the internet went wild and shared opinions left and right, others took to the very platform Leunig called out to say their piece. A fellow cartoonist, Paula Kuka took her time in deciding how to respond to this cartoon and chose to create her own with the truth of what moms do on a daily basis with a classic "What I Did vs. What You Saw" picture.

Kuka captioned the photo saying, "I spent yesterday feeling a little angry and powerless about a particular cartoon by a well-known Australian cartoonist. Today I realized I might be angry, but I'm not powerless. This is my response."

It's clear that Kuka has a much clearer reality when it comes to moms on their phone for a little while during a day full of parenting because her cartoon gained over 26,000 likes since she posted it. Not to mention, Leunig's own sister posted a cartoon on her Facebook page that shows a woman shooting a man in the behind while a mom pushing her stroller walks by. Mary Leunig captioned her picture, "Michael".

In the end, it's clear who is out of touch with reality here, and it's not the moms. There is nothing wrong with needing a moment to check an app (no matter what that app is) to get a little stimulation through the day that has nothing to do with your baby's milestones, food, or really anything about them at all. Take a break, mama, no one thinks you're going to miss your own child falling out of its stroller when you do!

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