Meredith Grey: 23 Ways Ellen Pompeo Raises Her Kids

Fans of Grey's Anatomy know that Meredith Grey is an incredible (and also an inspiring) mother. She cares deeply about her three children -- her daughters Zola and Ellis and her son Bailey -- and definitely has those super strong maternal instincts that start materializing during pregnancy. It has been really cool to watch Meredith grow up and come into her own as a mom.

Fans of Ellen Pompeo, the amazing actress who has portrayed Meredith Grey for 15 seasons (and the show doesn't seem to be stopping for a while), know that she's a mom too. She has three children: four-year-old Sienna, nine-year-old Stella, and Eli (who is a year old). They are absolutely adorable and it's beautiful to watch her with her little ones. Talk about #momgoals.

Moms love getting advice from each other and learning from one another's motherhood journeys. This is even true if our mom role model is a celebrity. Sure, we might not be able to talk to her face-to-face or drop by her house to dish over coffee, but we can still learn some cool lessons about being a mom from Ellen Pompeo. Here are 23 ways that the Grey's Anatomy actress is raising her kids.

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23 A Positive Attitude


It's always interesting to learn how a mom approaches her role. In Ellen Pompeo's case, she has a super positive attitude and has some really great things to share.

Ellen told In Style magazine, "That every mistake and every moment is a teaching moment. I make a lot of mistakes. You just learn. Kids are just so open and honest, and you could get down on yourself a lot as a parent, like ‘Oh I'm not there enough.’ It’s easier to beat yourself up and feel guilty."

That last part is all too easy for moms to relate to, and it's definitely time that we adopt Ellen's positive attitude.

22 Pretty Chill Parent


According to People magazine, when it comes to what job her daughter chooses, Ellen said, "Whatever she wants to be is fine with us."

It seems like when it comes to the type of parent she is and how she is raising her kids, Ellen is pretty chill. She definitely cares deeply about being a good mom (and we can tell that she absolutely is one) but she doesn't seem to put pressure on herself or her kids. That is really good to see and can inspire us to take the pressure off. Being a mom can be really tough and it's time to recognize that every mom is doing an amazing job. Just like Ellen said, it's good to let kids decide what path they want to go down.

21 Family Vacation

Reality TV World

People shared some amazing photos of Ellen Pompeo's recent vacation when she and her family went to Italy. Another way that she is raising her kids is taking them on family vacations.

It's always sweet and inspiring when we see parents introducing their children to new places and experiences (and in this case, we're guessing also pasta, pizza and gelato since it seems impossible to go to Italy and not enjoy those). It's definitely a great part of a child's development.

Those are some super lucky kids, right?! We could all go for a vacation to Italy right about now.

20 Mom Time


According to Working Mother, Ellen Pompeo believes that self-care is a really big thing to do, and we really love that.

She said, "I focus on self-care every day, because if I’m not OK, then who is going to take care of my children? I have an amazing husband, and I’m really lucky, but I need to take care of myself to be able to take care of my kids. I need to be the best version of myself that I can be for my children. Self-care is not something I find time for, it’s one of my priorities every day."

19 Staying Strong

OK! Magazine

Every mom would agree that they want their kids to be strong and proud of who they are.

Ellen Pompeo wants her children to be strong as well, and whenever she is interviewed by a publication, she says something on that subject.

When she was interviewed by In Style, she said that she raises her kids, "To not be afraid. When something doesn't feel right or seem right, or you see something that isn't right, speak up. Whether it's your own body or your own experience, or you see someone else doing something to someone else, speak up do not be silent. Don't worry about what people think of you."

18 Help Is Okay


Another thing that we can learn from Ellen Pompeo? That asking for help is totally okay.

She has talked about hiring a baby nurse and how much that has allowed her to continue her awesome job playing Meredith Grey. According to First For Women, she said, "I have the most fantastic baby nurse, Jackie, who's also backstage. She helps me. I'd be nowhere without her because I work long days and I need help caring for [Eli]. And she's got my back."

It can be tough to ask for help because we all feel like we should be able to do everything on our own. But, hey, if an amazing actress like Ellen Pompeo believes that it's good to ask for help sometimes, we should totally follow her advice.

17 Be Kind


If there is one main thing that Ellen Pompeo seems to care a lot about (and this definitely is clear from the amazing way that she is raising her kids), it's that she believes in being kind. We would love to hear this from anyone and everyone because we can all agree that being nice (but in a genuine way) is the only way to be. But hearing it from a celebrity mom is just so much better.

According to Parents, Ellen said, "Kindness just goes so much further. Everybody has their own story, and everybody's situation is different, so no judgment—only kindness."

16 Potty Training Tip


When it comes to the various milestones that make up a mom's parenting journey, potty training her child is definitely a big deal. There is so much advice out there on this topic and so many methods that moms have used. It's always cool to hear what worked for a celebrity mom, and it turns out that Ellen Pompeo has some advice about this toddler milestone as well.

As Parents magazine reported, she said, "I think stickers really work. It was a method that really worked for me."

Moms who have used stickers are totally nodding their heads right about now.

15 Confident Kids

Daily Mail

Every mom would agree that they want their children to be confident. How to get there might be another story.

When she was interviewed by In Style, Ellen Pompeo talked a lot about having her kids try things so they can learn to be confident. Her approach is that realizing that you have some skills at something will make you feel that way.

She said, "That's how you get confidence—when you're good at things. Whether it's making pancakes, whether it's learning double dutch, whether it's drawing—whatever it is, just try a lot of different things. When you're good at things, you have confidence. Whether it's swimming, whatever it is, jungle gym, you know your math problems in school, if you're good at things you'll be confident, and the more things you're good at, the more confidence you’ll have."

14 Role Models


As Hello Giggles says, Ellen Pompeo wants her daughters to have amazing role models and that is something that is important to her. She has talked about some public figures who have been inspiring and motivating.

We think that this is awesome. Children definitely need role models and someone who they can look up and be motivated by. It's cool when parents encourage that and will find role models for them. We can all remember who our role models were back when we were kids and how important those were to us, and they still stick with us to this day.

13 Mom/Daughter Dates


Ellen Pompeo does a lot of things with her kids and they seem to have a lot of fun dates. For example, there is an adorable photo in the Daily Mail of Ellen having ice cream with her daughter, Stella.

Back when we were kids, we probably can remember going to cafes or out to lunch with our moms, and we really enjoyed being out on the town with her. And now that we're mothers ourselves, we most likely have kept those fun traditions going strong and we enjoy having that special mom/kid time. It definitely means a lot to both the child and the mother.

12 On Set Baby

via: Today Show

Work/life balance isn't something that only non-celebrities have to face. In fact, we could say that some celebrities have to deal with this even more because they work such long hours. For someone who is starring on a TV show like Ellen and works long hours, we definitely wonder how she balances that with being a mom.

Today says that Ellen brings her baby, Eli, to the set of Grey's Anatomy. It's interesting to hear how she balances everything and it's good to hear that she is able to bring her little one to work with her. We think that is so cool (and more workplaces should be like that for sure).

11 Home Sweet Home


Home is where the sweet family vibes are, and that is certainly the case for the home that Ellen Pompeo has created. It sounds like it's a cozy and comfy home.

Ellen told Good Housekeeping, "The house represents [my family] because it's hip but also comfortable. The furniture tells a story once it's been lived in. That's what makes a house a home. I don't worship things."

This is such good advice because every mom knows that kids are going to make a mess and that it's better to love and embrace that instead of hoping that the white couch stays perfectly white.

10 Plant-Based Family


Many moms talk about how it can be hard to find meals that kids will eat or even get them eating much at all. Sure, snacks and sugary treats seem to be no problem, but when it comes to a well-balanced dinner or breakfast, it can be a bit more work to get kids interested.

We find it endlessly fascinating to hear what stars are eating, and when a celebrity becomes a parent, we want to hear what their children are eating as well. Many celebrities are raising vegan families, and the woman who plays Meredith Grey is the same. People magazine reported that Ellen Pompeo is vegan and so is her family.

9 Very Grateful


Ellen Pompeo had her daughter, Stella, via surrogate, and it's inspiring that she represents having a baby this way. We can see that there are so many ways to have a family and that it's all beautiful.

According to Romper, Ellen has said that she is "grateful" to her surrogate. She said, "This is an incredible thing to do with your life, to give the gift of carrying someone's child. I am forever grateful and feel very blessed and grateful to her — she who will remain anonymous."

She has also said that she was with the surrogate during insemination. She said, "And then we held hands and we prayed, we talked to God, and if she was meant to be. He said he was going to try to help us out and now we have a gorgeous baby girl."

8 A Sweet Scent


Ellen Pompeo knows how important it is to create a cozy and warm environment for your kids.

Specifically, she wears the same scent so she can create that environment. She was quoted in New York Family saying, “Well, my daughter always says to me: ‘Mommy, I would know you anywhere! I know what you wear, I know how you smell, and I know what you’d say. I always would know my mommy anywhere!’ So, if we can give our kids a sense of connection and comfort that I always smell like geranium and they know that’s mommy, and if that’s comforting to them and it makes them feel nurtured and safe, then that’s how we know we’re doing our job as parents.”

7 Private Mom


Ellen Pompeo is also raising her kids to be out of the spotlight, or at least as much as she can. We love seeing pictures of her and her little ones since they are so cute (and, let's be real, cute kids always put a big smile on anyone's face and brighten up our days). But we know that not every star wants their kids to be photographed all the time and to have their private life become so public.

It seems like Ellen is making sure that she is keeping her family life as private as she can. Sure, we see some photos that she posts to her social media account and there are definitely some photos that are snapped when she and her kids are out and about. For the most part, though, it's private, and we think that's awesome.

6 A Sense Of Humor


We would all agree that we're going to be a bigger fan of a celebrity if they have a sense of humor (and that we would say that about anyone, really). This is even truer when we're talking about a celebrity mom.

Moms all need a good sense of humor since parenting can be pretty funny and there can be some crazy moments along the way.

Another way that Ellen Pompeo is raising her kids is with a sense of humor. She seems to approach motherhood this way: her social media bio reads, "Personal Assistant to Stella Luna, Sienna May and Eli Christopher." Don't we love that so much?!

5 So Real


We can definitely say that Ellen Pompeo is one of a small handful of celebrities who seems very real and honestly doesn't even seem famous. She's not a diva at all and she seems like a kind woman who just wants the world to be a better place for her children. Sure, she's on a massively popular and successful TV show, but otherwise, she's easy to relate to.

She posted this photo of herself on her social media account and said, "When your husband and daughter dress you...."

This was not only sweet and adorable but also very relatable since every mom has had their kid dress them at one point or another.

4 Family Hikes


What do Ellen Pompeo and her family like to do? They love going on hikes. Us Weekly quoted Ellen as saying, “My oldest daughter loves it. The little baby of course, he loves it too, because he just gets pushed in a stroller. The 3-year-old is a little iffy on the hikes. She gets tired halfway up.”

Moms know that finding an activity that the whole family can do is no easy feat and that it's awesome when we find something that everyone enjoys (and doesn't complain about, let's be honest). Doing something active like hiking is a really great idea.

3 18 Years Old


There are some families where literally every member is famous, even the littlest ones, and it's definitely all in the family when it comes to acting or singing talent. We might be wondering if Ellen's children are going to want to be just like her and explore the world of acting as well.

According to Us Weekly, Ellen says that if her daughter, Stella, wants to be an actress, she can do that when she is 18.

It's always commendable when someone wants their kids to have a normal childhood and not become child stars, so we think that this is really awesome.

2 Compassionate Kids

Hollywood Holler

Ellen Pompeo is also raising her kids to be compassionate, which is another reason why they are vegan. According to AOL, she said, "When you start at a place of compassion for other living things, compassion for children who look and feel differently, it's easy for her to grasp that concept. It’s what we should be teaching our children, anyway."

She is so right and her words are something that every mom wants to instill in her children. When it comes to the traits that a mom wants her kids to have, kindness and compassion are absolutely up there at the top of the list.

1 This Is Beautiful


And if we didn't think that this celebrity mom isn't inspiring enough, we only have to hear her words about her daughters to say that we find her super inspiring.

In a round-up of Ellen's quotes about being a mom, Romper included this amazing one about how her daughters. She said, “My daughters are black so it’s very important to me that they see a lot of images of beautiful, powerful, strong black women. Every time there is a black woman on a magazine cover, whether it is Kerry Washington or whoever it is, I make sure that magazine is in my house and on my table. For me, that’s super important.

Now we're mega fans of Grey's star and amazing celebrity mama Ellen Pompeo, right?!

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