Women Are Using Menstrual Cups To Get Pregnant Faster

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Now that's what we call being innovative! If you've ever struggled to conceive, then you know firsthand how difficult the journey can be. Not every women gets pregnant when she wants to - millions of couples struggle with conceiving, some for many, many years. When you're desperate to get pregnant, there's not much you won't try. Acupuncture, herbs and oils, prescription medication, painful shots and expensive fertility treatments are just a handful of the things couples who are trying to conceive (TTC) will try. The frustrating thing is that none of these things are guaranteed to work. In fact, many TTC couples will try different things multiple times on their journey. So while this newest "fix" isn't a guarantee, it's certainly worth trying. Women are using their menstrual cups to get pregnant faster, and the cups have proven successful for quite a few couples already.

Menstrual cups, in case you're not familiar with them, are soft medical-grade cups that are an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Popular brands include the DivaCup or SoftCup. The premise is pretty simple: the cone-shaped cup is inserted into the vagina and suctions onto the opening of the cervix. Blood is collected in the cup, and dumped into the sink or toilet when you change it. It takes some getting used to, but honestly, they're pretty amazing! You only have to change it once every 12 hours! But now we're hearing that menstrual cups are doing more than helping us release us from the tampon ball and chain. Apparently, they can help you get pregnancy faster.

Women are inserting their menstrual cups immediately after sex, thereby trapping the sperm in one spot and keeping it close to the entrance of the uterus. Some couples opt to have the man pull out and ejaculate directly into the cup before inserting it. Either way, it's entirely possible that a menstrual cup could help you conceive! By trapping the sperm in the cup, they have only one direction to swim (toward the uterus). A menstrual cup can also help keep the sperm close to the entrance of the uterus for longer - the longer the sperm has to swim up, the better your chances of conceiving. If you do decide to try using a menstrual cup to help you conceive, make sure to do a few insertion practice runs. It might not work, but what do you have to lose?

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