Men’s Marijuana Use Increases Miscarriage Risk For Women, New Research Finds

TW: mentions of miscarriage. New research indicates that when men use marijuana, they double their partner's risk of miscarriage. Exactly what causes this is still unknown, but marijuana using couples who are trying to conceive or expecting should consider a lifestyle change.

While most people understand that smoking tobacco is a no-no during pregnancy, many wonder about marijuana. More and more data suggests that marijuana can have adverse effects on pre-born children.

People are also recently beginning to realize how much of a difference a father’s lifestyle choices have on his partner’s developing fetus. Prenatal health is not just about mom’s habits, we now know. When it comes to marijuana, new dads might want to cut back.

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Researchers at Boston University found that when men smoke marijuana once a week or more, their pregnant partners are twice as likely to experience a miscarriage.

The study looked at the habits of over 1,400 couples before conceiving and examined the forthcoming pregnancies. The couples reported information about their marijuana usage over the past two months. After conceiving, their success rate in bringing a baby to term (or miscarrying) was charted.

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Most of the men who participated in the study did not smoke marijuana at all. Only 8% of them reported smoking once a week or more. Almost 18% of the couples in the study, whether they smoked marijuana or not, experienced a miscarriage.

While men who smoked marijuana at least once per week saw an increased miscarriage rate, those who smoked less frequently than that did not see the same association.

It is not immediately clear why crossing the threshold of weekly smoking resulted in more miscarriages. It could be that smoking marijuana can negatively affect sperm quality. This, in turn, can lead to an increased occurrence of miscarriage.

Considering the probable link between sperm quality and miscarriage, men should reevaluate their marijuana use even before attempting to conceive. Smoking anything harms a fetus, but we now know marijuana has its own specific dangers.

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