Study Says Men With Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs

There’s a new study that suggests men carry more bacteria and germs in their beards than dogs have on their fur. A team of researchers found that every beard that was sampled in the small study found to have at least one strain of bacteria in them, and that half of the bugs were bad for human health. The dogs tested in the same study had half the amount of germs of what the humans had.

According to the Daily Mail, the research was conducted by a team at Switzerland’s Hislanden Clinic. The team found that many dogs are just as clean as the men that participated in the study, if not a little cleaner.

During the study, researchers looked into whether or not humans posed any risks from picking up dog-borne diseases from an MRI scanner that was also used for examinations by vets. The study took samples from the beards of 18 men and the neck hairs of 30 dogs. The MRI results proved that dogs had a significantly lower bacteria count compared to the men in the study.

Lead researcher Andreas Gutzeit said this in a statement, “The researchers found a significantly higher bacterial load in specimens taken from the men's beards compared with the dogs' fur.' The study found all of the bearded men, aged from 18 to 76, showed high microbial counts, but only 23 out of 30 dogs had high counts. The remainder had moderate levels.”

However, critics are casting doubt on the report, arguing that it’s almost impossible to find out just how dirty one’s beard or even the hair on their head can be. Critics say that a simple swab test with a swab can easily find many unpleasant things on the heads of both men and women, regardless of how often they shower or what their hygienic habits may be.

For those looking to keep their beard or scruff a little bit cleaner, there are several steps men can take. Hair stylists and experts suggest trimming their beards on a regular basis to get rid of split ends and to keep their facial hair from growing excessively long. Also, men can wash their beards just like they wash their hair with a mild soap or cleanser or even a softener once a week to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

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