Seven Out Of 10 Men Steal Their Girlfriends' Skincare Products

Nearly three-quarters of men admit to secretly using women's beauty products on their skin. Guys may not feel comfortable purchasing their own skin care items, but they don't hesitate to snag some from their girlfriends.

Some fellows are simply too disconnected from the world of beauty products to even realize which belong to them and which to their female counterparts. These guys simply use whatever they see, unaware that they're putting on creams and lotions marketed to women. Other men, however, intentionally reach for the stuff.

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As it turns out, dudes concern themselves with dry, wrinkly, and sagging skin too, and some of them have caught on to the concept that women's products work most effectively. Men also worry about their hair thinning out or turning grey, as well as weight gain.

However, men are not going out into the stores and buying up women's skin products. Likely, most would feel emasculated doing so. Instead, they are surreptitiously snagging their girlfriends' creams, sprays, and lotions.

This trend could very well fade into the past soon. Several beauty companies are actually moving away from single gender marketing. This is not just in relation to skin products, however. Makeup is now seen as gender-fluid and marketed as such.

For the first time ever, major skincare brand Olay has a promo featuring a male. Sephora has ads showing support for gender fluid individuals. Child Farm promotes all of its products and gender neutral. Jecca Black sells make up for men, women, and any gender in between. As major brands move in this direction, others follow suit.

For the time being, most products are still marketed as either for men or for women. It may be a while before men stop sneaking through their other halve's cabinets.

But while some men slyly reach for their girlfriend's products, others are wondering why beauty companies charge more for women's products, when the ingredients mirror those in similar products marketed for men. The same exact formula is being sold at two very different prices, depending upon what gender it is aimed at. So maybe it's women who should be reaching for their man's face cream!

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