10 Memes That Show The Struggle Of Motherhood

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, one of the most difficult, one of the best, and one of the hardest jobs out there. Those little bundles of joy are the most wonderful things in life… but sometimes, they really complicate things!

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From not having any personal space and not being able to sleep in to surrendering to not looking so great while spending every day at home with rugrats, the following 10 memes are hilarious. They are relatable. They are too true. And they definitely sum up the struggle that is motherhood.

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10 Barbie Gets It

Before having kids, a woman is vibrant, full of life and feeling fine. After one child, she gets a little run down, as she just went through this crazy time and is now up all the time feeding a baby and changing diapers and trying to get him/her to go back to sleep.

Then that second kiddo shows up… and maybe a third and a fourth… and then mom has zero time for herself, and she sort of lets herself go. But it is all for the greater good, right, Barbie?

9 There Is None

With children, there's no such thing as personal space. They want to be right up in a mom’s business all the time. She’s cooking? Let’s sit on the countertop. She’s watching TV? Let’s go in there and ask her all about it. She just went into the bathroom? Perfect… We need her, and we need her now.

A woman could find it flattering that her offspring want to be around her so much, but when every minute of every day looks like this, it can be a bit much.

8 Is It Okay To Laugh?

How many times a day does a mother remind a child to wash their hands, to put on their shoes, to flush the toilet, to finish their food and to pick up that darn toy? This is a pretty relatable meme, as many moms have then seen karma come around.

After not picking up that toy (even after being reminded 100 times), a kid may trip over said toy. Is it okay to laugh? Does that make a mom mean? Did the kid deserve it? Will he/she ever learn? So many questions…

7 “Sleep In”

Oh, how true this is! As mentioned, motherhood is such a beautiful thing, but it is no easy task. A baby may seem like a cute and innocent little being, but they are quite demanding, needing diaper changes, feedings, and comfort around the clock.

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This face, these hands, and this meme are too real. There is no such thing as sleeping in any longer, and that is a price a parent must pay, for better or for worse. (Okay, for better, since it IS worth it… in the end.)

6 Meltdown Moment

It has happened to her. She knows it well. And now, she sees it happening to a fellow parent, out in the world, for all to see: a meltdown moment. There may be tears and yelling. There may be flailing on the floor or stomping around.

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It happens, as kiddos can be a bit temperamental. And when a mom sees it happen, she feels a bit like J-Law in Hunger Games here, as she understands the struggle and knows that it may not end for quite some time.

5 Finally!

Robert Downey, Jr. may not be a mom, but he gets it: when a mother finally gets to leave the house without the kids, it's a monumental time. It's a rare occurrence. And it may only happen on special occasions.

But when it does really, truly happen, it is like a mom can breathe again! She is free, she can do whatever she wants, and she actually won’t get bugged while trying to sleep, catch up on life, use the restroom and exist. So she better make the most of it, right?

4 Be Very Careful

Another very relatable thing for parents is attempting to put a baby down after he/she has fallen asleep. There are tons and tons of techniques, such as rocking, singing, feeding and soothing, that people try when a baby just won’t fall asleep.

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And, of course, when said baby does finally shut those little eyes, it seems said baby is always in some precarious position. This requires a parent to move in the slowest and most careful way, like dealing with a bomb that could easily go off again.

3 Can He?

This is another meme that could make a mother feel special, since it seems the kiddos always turn to her for everything. Sometimes, though, it is nice to know that someone else is around to help… and it would be great if the children could realize that, too, and turn to the other parent or a grandparent or anyone else for that story, that snack or that glass of milk.

Even during the most stressful times, though, a mom must remember that they won’t be little and dependent for long… so soak it up!

2 Say Cheese

It never fails: School picture day rolls around or a family photoshoot is scheduled, and suddenly, a child seems to have forgotten how to smile. They do it all the time. It is clear they know how. But when a professional puts a camera up and says to say cheese…

This is the sort of face that moms get stuck with, after dishing out money for special photos. Thanks, kid. Just know that this is going on that senior slideshow!

1 How Was The Day?

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, is another person who seems to understand motherhood… A husband comes home and asks how the day was, and this is the only reply he gets.

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He just needs to look at his wife to know everything: to know how much yelling and fighting there was, to know how hard it was to get anyone to eat or sleep, to know how many bodily fluids are present on this outfit, to know how many days it has been since mommy got a shower or a nap and to know that motherhood is, well, a struggle!

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