Jelly Sandals Are Back Thanks To The Melissa Shoe Brand

Remember how cool we thought we all looked back in the 90's? The baby doll dresses, the flannel shirts, the jerseys. If you embraced some of the top trends of that decade, then you know exactly what we're talking about! Looking back, some of the trends we rocked through middle and high school were ... not great. Even though we'd like to leave things like bike shorts in the past where they belong, all trends come back around eventually, right? Now that we're older and wiser and have better taste, we know better than to buy into them. But, there are some trends that we will still lose our minds over, if just for the nostalgia factor alone. If you've ever experienced a tinge of envy over the adorable scented jelly shoes your kids wear because they make you long for the days of your own jelly sandal-clad feet, then we have some amazing news for you! Melissa, the brand behind the scented jellies your kids rock, is bringing jelly sandals back this summer, but these ones have your name written all over them.

Melissa International may be more known for their kids shoes these days, but who could forget the way they changed the shoe game when we were tweens and teens?! They're the company behind Possession, the bubble gum-scented jellies of our youth. And they're back and better than ever. The new Possession jellies by Melissa are available in a wide array of colors, and come in transparent and matte. Even better, they are officially 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and are registered with The Vegan Society. The inner sole and outer material are both made of PVC.

We would 100% rock these all summer, and to be honest, we may even have our vintage jellies in a storage bin somewhere (although we don't imagine they've held up too well).

The new Possession jellies by Melissa are available now, and comes in sizes 5-13.

They retail for $75, so maybe get yourself a couple pairs? Make this summer the summer of your youth with some scented jellies on your feet. Plus side? The sweat wipes right off.

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