Meghan Markle Is Being Mom-Shamed For Leaving Archie To Watch The US Open In NYC

No matter what anyone does these days, internet trolls seem to rear their ugly heads left and right to put people down. These trolls seems to multiply if you're a mom, and quadruple if your name is Meghan Markle. The new mom is currently in New York to support her BFF Serena Williams as she competes in the US Open and the internet trolls are raging that she's not with her son, Archie Harrison, for a few days.

Seriously, we gotta let this mama live a little.

First things first, there is never any shame in a mama taking a little time for herself. It's good for our mental well being and sometime completely necessary. Whenever you're the Duchess, sometimes you might need to be away for work or play and whenever you are it's under a microscope and blasted everywhere for people to judge. And it's not cool.

And it's happening again.

According to Cosmopolitan, it was a last minute decision to go on the trip to New York to begin with. And not that it matters, but it's not like Prince Harry isn't capable, just like every other father of being alone with their baby for a few days. And ahem: they probably have a full time nanny there for support, too. Just saying.

Furthermore, huge publications, like the DailyMail, even published full on mom shaming articles spewing pretty negative banter again Meghan saying, "My children would be the first to tell you that I am not the most sentimental of mothers. But even I would have thought twice about leaving my firstborn at home at the tender age of just four months in order to fly 3,500 miles to watch Serena Williams play in the US Open final...It is not an unreasonable expectation that she might want to spend a little time with the new arrival. But no."


And it of course didn't end there as anyone without access to a media outlet took to Instagram to bash her for the trip saying things like, "what mother leaves a four month old baby, supposedly breastfeeding, to go on a little jolly?"

Moms, we really have to start giving each other a break. The world would probably be a much prettier place if we weren't so hard on one another.

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